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UpToDate Unauthorized User Page

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Authorized users, designated sites, and permitted uses from the UpToDate contract:

"Authorized Users": Physician staff, faculty, residents, nurses, librarians, and other staff and other medical professionals who are employed by University of Missouri or who provide medical services to patients at UM Health Care facilities, any student affiliated with University of Missouri/UM Health Care, and, to the extent that University of Missouri includes a public library, individuals otherwise entitled to use Health Sciences Library facilities.

Authorized users may Access the Licensed Materials only from within the physical confines of the following addresses (the "Designated Sites"):

University of Missouri Hospitals and Clinics, 1 Hospital Drive

University of Missouri - Columbia health related academic facilities, including classrooms, computer laboratories, and the Health Sciences Library.

University Physician Clinics- Hospital Based, 1 Hospital Drive

University Physicians Clinics-Medical Building, 1101 Hospital Drive

Audiology, CMS/Dermatology, Internal Medicine Continuity, ENT/Allergy, Neurology, Pediatric Specialty, Student Health Center, Urgent Care Center

Columbia Regional Hospital, 400 Keene

Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, 115 Business Loop 70W

Eye Institute - East, 404 Portland St.

Family Medicine Clinic, Woodrail Center, 1000 W. Nifong Blvd

Fairview Clinics, 1 S. Fairview

Green Meadows Clinics, 3211 S. Providence

Ob/Gyn Clinic, 404 Keene

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center, 315 Business Loop 70W

Regional Medical Associates, 3401 Berrywood Dr. Ste 303

Surgery Associates, 2600 Forum Blvd Ste B2

Woodrail Center: Medicine & Surgery Clinics

Behavioral Health Services, 601 Business Loop 70W

Veterinary Teaching Hospital, UMC Campus

Veterinary Medical Building, UMC Campus