Mobile Resources

There are a number of mobile resources available to students of the UMKC School of Pharmacy studying at the MU campus. The UMKC Health sciences library has a fairly comprehensive a
list of free and paid handheld apps directed to all areas of health care and the health professions.



The list contains many tools of interest to PharmD students: Clinical Pharmacology, Micromedex, and Natural Standard which are normally paid resources made available for free by the UMKC libraries to UMKC students. Instructions for gaining access to these resources are available on the listing put together by the UMKC Health Sciences library under a
drug databases.

Of those three resources, Natural Standard requires the Skyscape application to access. Skyscape is available for Apple iOS, Android,
Blackberry, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and Windows desktops. Skyscape is an application that serves as a portal to a number of health information references and calculators. Some of these resources are free, while others including many electronic book resources must be purchased. Skyscape functions as a marketplace for these resources, and many resources available for purchase
through Skyscape may be less expensive or free when acquired through other channels.

Another, subscription resource mentioned frequently (though the web version is free on campus) is Lexi-Comp. Lexi-Comp mobile software is available for Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Palm OS, HP webOS, and Windows Mobile/Pocket PC. Using the Lexi-Comp mobile software requires subscribing to databases individually or as a package. Academic discounts are available and the academic prices are displayed when you log into the web version of Lexi-Comp through the University.


Mobile National Library of Medicine Resources

The National Library of Medicine has a
gallery of mobile resources that theymake available for free.