Customize your MyNCBI Account


Register for a My NCBI account!

Click the Log in button, located at the top right of the page, to register for an account.

Note: Only one e-mail address can be associated with each account.

Have an account already? Link it with a 3rd party option

  1. Log into your NCBI account as usual.
  2. Click on your username in the upper right corner to access the NCBI Account Settings page.
  3. In the “Linked accounts” (old heading) section, select “Change”.
  4. In the search box, search for your desired 3rd-party option.
  5. Select the link for your desired option.
  6. Authenticate with the 3rd party.

Customize your My NCBI account to see FindIt@MU options!

Click the Log in, located at the top right of the page, to sign into My NCBI.


Click NCBI Site Preferences to customize your account. To add the FindIt@MU button, click on the Outside Tool to add the “Find It @MU” link.


Select “University of Missouri – Columbia Libraries” then scroll down and click save.


Now, whenever you login to your My NCBI, you will see finditatMU1_1 full text icon, for finding, and ordering options.