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Impact of Limited Dispersion Capacity and Natural Barriers on the Population Structure of the Grasshopper Ommexecha virens (Orthoptera: Ommexechidae).
de Souza TE, Cruz GADS, de Moura RC,
Neotropical Entomology. ():,2021 More Like This

Assessment of significance of conditionally independent GWAS signals.
Ghasemi S, Teumer A, Wuttke M, Becker T,
Bioinformatics. ():,2021 More Like This

Expression of serum response factor in the lung mesenchyme is essential for development of pulmonary fibrosis.
Bernau K, Leet JP, Bruhn EM, Tubbs AJ, Zhu T, Sandbo N,
American Journal of Physiology - Lung Cellular & Molecular Physiology. ():,2021 More Like This

Principled selection of baseline covariates to account for censoring in randomized trials with a survival endpoint.
Van Lancker K, Dukes O, Vansteelandt S,
Statistics in Medicine. ():,2021 More Like This

The role of medications in successful aging.
Langer RD,
Climacteric. ():1-8,2021 More Like This

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