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Four childhood atopic dermatitis subtypes identified from trajectory and severity of disease and internally validated in a large UK birth cohort.
Mulick AR, Mansfield KE, Silverwood RJ, Buddu-Aggrey A, Roberts A, Custovic A, Pearce N, Irvine AD, Smeeth L, Abuabara K, Langan SM,
British Journal of Dermatology. ():,2021 More Like This

Heads Up Play: Acute Assessment and Management of Basketball-Related Craniofacial Injuries by On-Court Personnel.
Slavin BR, Pierrot RG, Sprau AC, Wolfe EM, Mathew PJ, Chopra K, Thaller SR,
Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. ():,2021 More Like This

A developmental lineage-based gene co-expression network for mouse pancreatic beta-cells reveals a role for Zfp800 in pancreas development.
Osipovich AB, Dudek KD, Greenfest-Allen E, Cartailler JP, Manduchi E, Potter Case L, Choi E, Chapman AG, Clayton HW, Gu G, Stoeckert CJ Jr, Magnuson MA,
Development. ():,2021 More Like This

CD4 T cell dependent rejection of beta 2 microglobulin null mismatch repair deficient tumors.
Germano G, Lu S, Rospo G, Lamba S, Rousseau B, Fanelli S, Stenech D, Le DT, Hays J, Totaro MG, Amodio V, Chila R, Mondino A, Diaz LA, Di Nicolantonio F, Bardelli A,
Cancer Discovery. ():,2021 More Like This

Non-Functional Pituitary Carcinoma Arising from a Recurrent Null Cell Type Pituitary Adenoma: A Case Report and Review of the Literature.
Demir MK, Yapicier O, Oral A, Yilmaz B, Kilic T,
Neuro-Chirurgie. ():,2021 More Like This

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