Giving Opportunities


Collaborative and Independent Learning Spaces

Item Estimated Cost Comment
Sound Masking $60,000 #2 Student request per survey
Soft study chairs $1,000 each #3 Student request per survey
Replace study room chairs $350 each Need 28 for study rooms on 3rd floor
Slow-motion treadmill desk $1500 Favorable student survey comments
Soft study carrel cluster $40,000 Student priority for 3rd floor
Wall Art – specific $1,500 Lower priority, given other needs
Wall Art, not specified $10,000 Creates stimulating learning space
Totally renovate Floors 2 & 3 $5,000,000 Based on study completed fall 2015



Item Estimated Cost Comment
Sponsor MU author $1,000 – $5,000 Provide free use via open access
Open Access Author Support Fund Any amount Contribute to free, open access articles
Sponsor a book purchase $100 – $800 Choose from hundreds of titles
Online journal back-files $ 5,000 Free up shelf space for user seating
Support for online journal $300-$10,000 Provide online use for MU campus


Services — Endowed Positions

  • Director
    Provides administrative services and leadership for the Health Sciences Libraries. The unique aspects of the health care environment require leadership with specialized health library experience in this position.
  • New: Biomedical Sciences Librarian
    Serves as a liaison to biomedical research programs, centers, and departments in order to develop library partnerships in support of research. This position will require a candidate with a background in science or informatics.
  • Additional: Education Librarian
    Enhances undergraduate and graduate education, provides users with learning tools for accessing information, presenting data, and managing electronic bibliographies. Programs served include a broad spectrum of health professional programs, such as nursing, medicine, medical specialties, health professions, health informatics, and public health.



These items are listed separately because they are beyond the basics required for a state-of-the-art health sciences library. In every case, there would be a spectrum of approaches to be discussed that would determine cost.

  • Video content for anatomy, lab experiments, cross-cultural issues, etc.
  • Support for literature in healthcare collection and programming
  • Display case
  • Art-hanging devices for a display wall
  • New Technology, such as 3-d printer or the anatomage table, such as the one at the University of Michigan’s Taubman Library

Contact Us

For further information, please contact Matt Gaunt, Director for Advancement, MU Libraries.


Prepared by Deb Ward
Director, Health Sciences Libraries
University of Missouri