Cell Phone / Noise Policy

The mission of the J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library is to serve the faculty, students, and staff of the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Health Professions, and the patient-care, research and administrative aspects of the entire health enterprise, including the University Hospitals and Clinics. As such, it is the intent of the library staff to maintain a professional environment for serious study and research.

We ask that all users cooperate to maintain a serious, professional study environment. Please keep voices low when speaking. If you need to use a cell phone, we ask that you have your conversation in the atrium outside the library. It is easy for your conversations to be louder and longer than you intend, and library users do not wish to overhear your conversations.

If you are disturbed by another library user, please report it to the Circulation Desk. A professional study environment can be maintained by the cooperative efforts of all library users, with the library staff helping to facilitate the process