Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

The J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library is the primary library for the University of Missouri School of Medicine, Sinclair School of Nursing, and the School of Health Professions as well as the health care providers associated with the University of Missouri Hospitals and Clinics. As one of the University Libraries, we share the mission, vision, values and strategic goals of the University Libraries, and we strive to exemplify them.


Mission: The University Libraries advance the teaching, research, and services programs of the University, and the economic development of the State of Missouri, by providing innovative services and acquiring, preserving, and making accessible scholarly resources.


Vision: The University Libraries are leaders, partners and colleagues engaged in the pursuit and discovery of knowledge and the advancement of education. The Libraries are an open active and accessible learning environment, a hub for global information, and a secure repository for scholarship.


Values: As employees of the University Libraries, we affirm and support the core values of the University of Missouri, including respect, responsibility, discovery, and excellence. In addition, we uphold the following values:

        Access: Freedom of access to information in all forms and for all persons is our most cherished principle. We treasure the library ideals of free speech, open inquiry, accessibility, and equality – all upheld by our collections, our services, our policies, and our procedures.

        People: We value our users, regardless of their level of expertise or affiliation, as the foundation of our mission. We esteem our fellow employees, regardless of their job assignment, as our most valuable asset. We treat all people with respect and courtesy. We celebrate the diversity of our staff as one of our greatest strengths.

        Service: Our principal goal is to provide the best quality service possible, at all times, to all our users. We recognize and celebrate excellence whenever and wherever we encounter it. We work together as a team for the greater good of the Libraries and the University.

        Stewardship: We maintain our collections and facilities for future generations of scholars. We make the most efficient use of scarce resources. We plan for the challenges which will confront us in the future.


Strategic Goals:

GOAL 1: To position the University Libraries as active partners in student-centered learning

GOAL 2: To assure the quality, diversity and preservation of our library collections for the campus and wider academic community

GOAL 3: To position the University Libraries as active partners in support of research and practice

GOAL 4: To transform library spaces to enable changing models of learning and scholarship



Revised March, 2017