Staff Directory

Katherine C. Emerson , Library Specialist Sr.
Interlibrary Loan (Lending)
HSL 207
Office Phone:(573) 882-0468
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Rebecca S. Graves , Educational Services Librarian
Information Services
HSL 212
Office Phone:(573) 882-0469
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Terri Hall, Head, Circulation
HSL 232
Office Phone:(573) 882-4153
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E. Diane Johnson , Assistant Director, Information Services and Resources
Information Services
HSL 211
Office Phone:(573) 882-6142
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Taira M. Meadowcroft , Information Services Librarian
Information Services
HSL 212
Office Phone:(573) 884-3575
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Gayle Mooney , Administrative Assistant (part-Time)
Administrative Services
HSL 327
Office Phone:(573) 882-7033
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Richard Rexroat , Assistant Director, Technical Services and Circulation
Technical Services
HSL 114
Office Phone:(573) 882-8709
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Renita Richmond , Library Information Assistant
Technical Services
HSL 110
Office Phone:(573) 882-8708
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Caryn Scoville , Head, Interlibrary Loan
Information Services
HSL 208
Office Phone:(573) 882-2844
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Ralph Sieli , Library Specialist
HSL 229
Office Phone: (573) 882-4154
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Michael Spears , System Support Analyst – Specialist
Information Services
HSL 212
Office Phone: (573) 882-6141
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Amanda Sprochi , Health Sciences Cataloger
Technical Services
HSL 106
Office Phone:(573) 882-0461
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Deb Ward , Director, Health Sciences Libraries
Administrative Services
HSL 329
Office Phone:(573)882-6280
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