Laptop Policy


  • Check out to: Current MU students, currently employed MU staff & faculty.
  • Presentation of a valid TigerCard or MU Hospital Badge is required.
  • Users are allowed to have one laptop checked out at a time.
  • No reservations allowed.
  • Library Use Only.
  • Loan Period: 3 hour reserve.
  • Check outs within 3 hours of closing must be returned by closing time.
  • Renewals: none.
  • Return of one laptop, followed by another check out of the same laptop or a different laptop to that user: Allowed if demand is low.
  • Overdue fines: $2.00 per hour.
  • The condition of the laptops will be checked upon each check out and check in.

User Responsibilities

  • Users are responsible for saving their data. Users bear the responsibility for lost or damaged documents or data, not the Library staff or the staff of the Division of Integrated Technology.
  • Users must follow the library’s Food and Drink Polices. No drinks, regardless of container type, are allowed on the desks/tables where laptops are being used.
  • Users must return the laptops in person and must wait until the laptops are checked in, or if damaged, until the damage has been documented. Damaged laptops will go to the Division of Integrated Technology for further assessment of damages.
  • Users are financially responsible for any damaged or missing laptops and components, including hardware and software. These fees will be assessed by the Division of Integrated Technology.

Computer Use

  • Users must use the laptops in accordance with the MU Acceptable Use Policy.
    See the policy at: MU Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Users will not leave laptops unattended for any length of time; remove them from them from the library; or loan them to another person.
  • Laptops are to be used for academic or work-related purposes only.
  • Tampering with existing software or hardware, or installing privately owned software is not allowed.