Ordering Books via MERLIN

  1. Perform your search in MERLIN.
  2. Select the material of interest.
  3. Select “REQUEST”.
  4. Enter pawprint and password (email name and password).
  5. When prompted for a location to pick up the book, select MU, Health Sciences Library if you want to pick up the book in the library or select Lottes Locker to pick up the book 24/7 at the library lockers in the Medical Science Building.
  6. These books often arrive within three to five days. You will receive an email notice when the book is ready for pickup.
  7. Notices for the locker pickup location will include a code. At the lockers you will be prompted to scan the QR code or enter the Access Code. Books will be held in the lockers for 3 days before being transferred back to the library for pickup.
  8. Equipment, Reserve items and Interlibrary Loans will only be available for pickup at the library.

Bookbag option for multiple requests

This option allows you to select multiple titles, then fill the out Name, Address, ID information a single time.

1. Follow step 1 & 2 as for Ordering books via MERLIN.

2. Select Add to Bookbag.

3. Repeat these step until you have have finished searching MERLIN.

4. Select View Bookbag.

5. Select Multiple Requests (select this even if you have only one book in the Bookbag)

6. Before entering information, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see titles in the Bookbag.

7. Select one of the options:

* Empty Bookbag

* Request All

* Click box by desired titles, then Request Selected

8. If you choose Request All or Request Selected, follow steps 4-8 as for Ordering books via MERLIN.