Faculty Publications – September 2019

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Moullaali, T. J., X. Wang, R. H. Martin, V. B. Shipes, T. G. Robinson, J. Chalmers, J. I. Suarez, A. I. Qureshi, Y. Y. Palesch and C. S. Anderson The Lancet. Neurology Blood pressure control and clinical outcomes in acute intracerebral haemorrhage: a preplanned pooled analysis of individual participant data 28.XXX Look up impact factor
Attardo, G. M., A. M. M. Abd-Alla, A. Acosta-Serrano, J. E. Allen, R. Bateta, J. B. Benoit, K. Bourtzis, J. Caers, G. Caljon, M. B. Christensen, D. W. Farrow, M. Friedrich, A. Hua-Van, E. C. Jennings, D. M. Larkin, D. Lawson, M. J. Lehane, V. P. Lenis, E. Lowy-Gallego, R. W. Macharia, A. R. Malacrida, H. G. Marco, D. Masiga, G. L. Maslen, I. Matetovici, R. P. Meisel, I. Meki, V. Michalkova, W. J. Miller, P. Minx, P. O. Mireji, L. Ometto, A. G. Parker, R. Rio, C. Rose, A. J. Rosendale, O. Rota-Stabelli, G. Savini, L. Schoofs, F. Scolari, M. T. Swain, P. Takáč, C. Tomlinson, G. Tsiamis, J. Van Den Abbeele, A. Vigneron, J. Wang, W. C. Warren, R. M. Waterhouse, M. T. Weirauch, B. L. Weiss, R. K. Wilson, X. Zhao and S. Aksoy Genome Biology Comparative genomic analysis of six Glossina genomes, vectors of African trypanosomes 14.XXX Look up impact factor
Niu, K., L. Xiang, Y. Jin, Y. Peng, F. Wu, W. Tang, X. Zhang, H. Deng, H. Xiang, S. Li, J. Wang, Q. Song and Q. Feng Nucleic acids research Identification of LARK as a novel and conserved G-quadruplex binding protein in invertebrates and vertebrates 11.XXX Look up impact factor
Fichman, Y., G. Miller and R. Mittler Molecular Plant Whole-Plant Live Imaging of Reactive Oxygen Species 10.XXX Look up impact factor
He, Y., J. Xu, X. Wang, X. He, Y. Wang, J. Zhou, S. Zhang and X. Meng The Plant cell The Arabidopsis Pleiotropic Drug Resistance Transporters PEN3 and PDR12 Mediate Camalexin Secretion for Resistance to Botrytis cinerea 8.XXX Look up impact factor
Winn, N. C., R. Acin-Perez, M. L. Woodford, S. A. Hansen, M. M. Haney, L. A. Ayedun, R. S. Rector, V. J. Vieira-Potter, O. S. Shirihai, H. S. Sacks, J. A. Kanaley and J. Padilla Diabetes A Thermogenic-like brown adipose tissue phenotype is dispensable for enhanced glucose tolerance in female mice 7.XXX Look up impact factor
O’Keefe, E. L., J. H. O’Keefe and C. J. Lavie Mayo Clinic Proceedings Exercise Counteracts the Cardiotoxicity of Psychosocial Stress 7.XXX Look up impact factor
Yan, J., J. Cheng, L. Kurgan and V. N. Uversky Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences Structural and functional analysis of “non-smelly” proteins 7.XXX Look up impact factor
Jana, S. Acta Biomaterialia Endothelialization of cardiovascular devices 6.XXX Look up impact factor
Man Ha, C., D. Fine, A. Bhatia, X. Rao, M. Z. Martin, N. L. Engle, D. J. Wherritt, T. J. Tschaplinski, L. W. Sumner and R. A. Dixon Plant physiology Ectopic Defense Gene Expression Is Associated with Growth Defects in Medicago truncatula Lignin Pathway Mutants 6.XXX Look up impact factor
Curtis, A. F., M. B. Miller, H. Rathinakumar, M. Robinson, R. Staud, R. B. Berry and C. S. McCrae Pain Opioid use, pain intensity, age, and sleep architecture in patients with fibromyalgia and insomnia 6.XXX Look up impact factor
Gremminger, V. L., Y. Jeong, R. P. Cunningham, G. M. Meers, R. S. Rector and C. L. Phillips Journal of bone and mineral research : the official journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research Compromised Exercise Capacity and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Murine (oim) Mouse Model 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Mendoza-Cózatl, D. G., A. Gokul, M. F. Carelse, T. O. Jobe, T. A. Long, M. Keyster and S. Kopriva Journal of Experimental Botany Keep talking: Crosstalk between iron and sulfur networks fine-tunes growth and development to promote survival under iron limitation 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Matthews, N. H., M. Koh, W. Q. Li, T. Li, W. C. Willett, M. J. Stampfer, D. C. Christiani, J. Steven Morris, A. A. Qureshi and E. Cho Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention A prospective study of toenail trace element levels and risk of skin cancer 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Tanner, M. A., T. P. Thomas and L. A. Grisanti Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology Death receptor 5 contributes to cardiomyocyte hypertrophy through epidermal growth factor receptor transactivation 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Cheng, A. J., D. T. Hwee, L. H. Kim, N. Durham, H. T. Yang, A. C. Hinken, A. R. Kennedy, R. L. Terjung, J. R. Jasper, F. I. Malik and H. Westerblad Journal of Physiology Fast skeletal muscle troponin activator CK-2066260 increases fatigue resistance by reducing the energetic cost of muscle contraction 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Lennikov, A., M. S. Saddala, A. Mukwaya, S. Tang and H. Huang Frontiers in Immunology Autoimmune-mediated retinopathy in CXCR5-deficient mice as the result of age-related macular degeneration associated proteins accumulation 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Yang, P., S. Yu, J. Hao, W. Liu, Z. Zhao, Z. Zhu, T. Sun, X. Wang and Q. Song GigaScience Genome sequence of the Chinese white wax scale insect Ericerus pela: the first draft genome for the Coccidae family of scale insects 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Ahmed, M. E., G. P. Selvakumar, D. Kempuraj, R. Thangavel, S. Mentor, I. Dubova, S. P. Raikwar, S. Zaheer, S. Iyer and A. Zaheer Molecular Neurobiology Synergy in Disruption of Mitochondrial Dynamics by Aβ (1-42) and Glia Maturation Factor (GMF) in SH-SY5Y Cells Is Mediated Through Alterations in Fission and Fusion Proteins 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Mummidi, S., N. A. Das, A. J. Carpenter, T. Yoshida, M. Yariswamy, R. Mostany, R. Izadpanah, Y. Higashi, S. Sukhanov, M. Noda, U. Siebenlist, R. S. Rector and B. Chandrasekar Journal of Cellular Physiology RECK suppresses interleukin-17/TRAF3IP2-mediated MMP-13 activation and human aortic smooth muscle cell migration and proliferation 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Filosa, J. N., C. T. Berry, G. Ruthel, S. M. Beverley, W. C. Warren, C. Tomlinson, P. J. Myler, E. A. Dudkin, M. L. Povelones and M. Povelones PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases Dramatic changes in gene expression in different forms of Crithidia fasciculata reveal potential mechanisms for insect-specific adhesion in kinetoplastid parasites 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Sherman, S. L., J. Humpherys and J. Farr Arthroscopy : the journal of arthroscopic & related surgery : official publication of the Arthroscopy Association of North America and the International Arthroscopy Association Optimizing Patellofemoral Cartilage Restoration and Instability With Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Feliciano, P., X. Zhou, I. Astrovskaya, T. N. Turner, T. Wang, L. Brueggeman, R. Barnard, A. Hsieh, L. A. G. Snyder, D. M. Muzny, A. Sabo, L. Abbeduto, J. Acampado, A. J. Ace, C. Albright, M. Alessandri, D. G. Amaral, A. Amatya, R. D. Annett, I. Arriaga, E. Bahl, A. Balasubramanian, N. Bardett, A. Bashar, A. Beaudet, L. Beeson, R. A. Bernier, E. Berry-Kravis, S. Booker, S. J. Brewster, E. Brooks, M. E. Butler, E. M. Butter, K. Callahan, A. Camba, S. Carpenter, N. Carriero, L. A. Cartner, A. S. Chatha, W. Chin, R. D. Clark, C. Cohen, E. Courchesne, J. F. Cubells, M. H. Currin, A. M. Daniels, L. DeMarco, M. Y. Dennis, G. S. Dichter, Y. Ding, H. Dinh, R. Doan, H. V. Doddapaneni, S. Eldred, C. Eng, C. A. Erickson, A. Esler, A. Fatemi, G. J. Fischer, I. Fisk, E. J. Fombonne, E. A. Fox, S. Francis, S. L. Friedman, S. Ganesan, M. Garrett, V. Gazestani, M. R. Geisheker, J. A. Gerdts, D. H. Geschwind, R. P. Goin-Kochel, A. J. Griswold, L. P. Grosvenor, A. J. Gruber, A. C. Gulsrud, J. Gunderson, A. Gutierrez, M. N. Hale, M. Haley, J. B. Hall, K. E. Hamer, B. Han, N. Hanna, C. Harkins, N. Harris, B. Hauf, C. Hayes, S. L. Hepburn, L. M. Herbert, M. Heyman, B. A. Phillips, S. Horner, J. Hu, L. Y. Huang-Storms, H. Hutter, D. Istephanous, S. Jacob, W. Jensen, M. Jones, M. Jordy, A. P. Juarez, S. Kanne, H. E. Kaplan, M. Kent, A. Kitaygorodsky, T. Koomar, V. Korchina, A. D. Krentz, H. L. Schneider, E. Lamarche, R. J. Landa, A. E. Lash, J. K. Law, N. Lawson, K. Layman, H. Lechniak, S. Lee, S. J. Lee, D. L. Coury, C. L. Martin, D. Li, H. Li, N. Lillie, X. Liu, C. Lord, M. D. Mallardi, P. Manning, J. Manoharan, R. Marini, G. Marzano, A. Mason, E. T. Matthews, J. T. McCracken, A. P. McKenzie, Z. Momin, M. J. Morrier, S. Murali, V. J. Myers, J. Neely, C. Nessner, A. Nicholson, K. O’Brien, E. O’Connor, C. Ochoa-Lubinoff, J. Orobio, O. Y. Ousley, L. D. Pacheco, J. Pandey, A. M. Paolicelli, K. G. Pawlowski, K. L. Pierce, J. Piven, S. Plate, M. Popp, T. Pramparo, L. M. Prock, H. Qi, S. Qiu, A. L. Rachubinski, K. Rajbhandari, R. Rana, R. Remington, C. E. Rice, C. Rigby, B. E. Robertson, K. Roeder, C. R. Rosenberg, N. Russo-Ponsaran, E. Ruzzo, M. Sahin, A. Salomatov, S. Sandhu, S. Santangelo, D. E. Sarver, J. Scherr, R. T. Schultz, K. A. Schweers, S. Shah, T. Shaikh, A. D. Shocklee, L. Simon, A. R. Simon, V. Singh, S. Skinner, K. Smith, C. J. Smith, L. V. Soorya, A. Soucy, A. N. Stephens, C. M. Stock, J. S. Sutcliffe, A. Swanson, M. Tafolla, N. Takahashi, T. Thomas, C. Thomas, S. Thompson, J. Tjernagel, B. Van Metre, J. Veenstra-Vanderweele, B. M. Vernoia, J. Wallace, C. H. Walston, J. Wang, Z. Warren, L. Wasserburg, L. C. White, S. White, E. L. Wodka, S. Xu, W. S. Yang, M. Yinger, T. Yu, L. Zang, H. Zaydens, H. Zhang, H. Zhao, R. A. Gibbs, E. E. Eichler, B. J. O’Roak, J. J. Michaelson, N. Volfovsky, Y. Shen, W. K. Chung and S. C. The npj Genomic Medicine Exome sequencing of 457 autism families recruited online provides evidence for autism risk genes 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Li, C., C. Ji, J. C. Huguet-Tapia, F. F. White, H. Dong and B. Yang Molecular Plant Pathology An efficient method to clone TAL effector genes from Xanthomonas oryzae using Gibson assembly 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Khairat, S., T. Haithcoat, S. Liu, T. Zaman, B. Edson, R. Gianforcaro and C. R. Shyu Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA Advancing health equity and access using telemedicine: a geospatial assessment 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Qi, X., H. Fang, Z. Chen, Z. Liu, X. Yu and C. Liang International journal of molecular sciences Ectopic Expression of a R2R3-MYB Transcription Factor Gene LjaMYB12 from Lonicera japonica Increases Flavonoid Accumulation in Arabidopsis thaliana 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Durante, W. Nutrients The Emerging Role of l-Glutamine in Cardiovascular Health and Disease 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Lee, S., R. Kirkland, Z. I. Grunewald, Q. Sun, L. Wicker and C. B. De La Serre Nutrients Beneficial effects of non-encapsulated or encapsulated probiotic supplementation on microbiota composition, intestinal barrier functions, inflammatory profiles, and glucose tolerance in high fat fed rats 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Liu, G., R. Thangavel, J. Rysted, Y. Kim, M. B. Francis, E. Adams, Z. Lin, R. J. Taugher, J. A. Wemmie, Y. M. Usachev and G. Lee Journal of Neuroscience Research Loss of tau and Fyn reduces compensatory effects of MAP2 for tau and reveals a Fyn-independent effect of tau on calcium 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Jurrissen, T. J., Z. I. Grunewald, M. L. Woodford, N. C. Winn, J. R. Ball, T. N. Smith, A. A. Wheeler, A. L. Rawlings, K. F. Staveley-O’Carroll, Y. Ji, W. P. Fay, P. Paradis, E. L. Schiffrin, V. J. Vieira-Potter, P. J. Fadel, L. A. Martinez-Lemus and J. Padilla American journal of physiology. Endocrinology and metabolism Overproduction of endothelin-1 impairs glucose tolerance but does not promote visceral adipose tissue inflammation or limit metabolic adaptations to exercise 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Stange, J. P., E. M. Kleiman, R. J. Mermelstein and T. J. Trull Journal of Affective Disorders Using ambulatory assessment to measure dynamic risk processes in affective disorders 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Guan, R., X. Wen, Y. Liang, D. Xu, B. He and X. Feng International Journal of Biological Sciences Trends in Alzheimer’s disease research based upon machine learning analysis of pubmed abstracts 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Hegarty, J. P., II, R. M. Zamzow, B. J. Ferguson, S. E. Christ, E. C. Porges, J. D. Johnson and D. Q. Beversdorf Autism Beta-adrenergic antagonism alters functional connectivity during associative processing in a preliminary study of individuals with and without autism 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Zhou, X., L. Y. Peng, Z. C. Wang, W. Wang, Z. Zhu, X. H. Huang, L. B. Chen, Q. S. Song and Y. Y. Bao Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Identification of novel antimicrobial peptides from rice planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Shukla, S. D., R. Restrepo, A. R. Aroor, X. Liu, R. W. Lim, J. D. Franke, D. A. Ford and R. J. Korthuis Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Binge alcohol is more injurious to liver in female than in Male rats: Histopathological, pharmacologic, and epigenetic profiles 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Xue, W., S. N. Anderson, X. Wang, L. Yang, P. A. Crisp, Q. Li, J. Noshay, P. S. Albert, J. A. Birchler, P. Bilinski, M. C. Stitzer, J. Ross-Ibarra, S. Flint-Garcia, X. Chen, N. M. Springer and J. F. Doebley Genetics Hybrid Decay: A Transgenerational Epigenetic Decline in Vigor and Viability Triggered in Backcross Populations of Teosinte with Maize 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Marshall, K. D., P. J. Klutho, L. Song, M. Krenz and C. P. Baines American journal of physiology. Cell physiology The novel cyclophilin-D-interacting protein FASTKD1 protects cells against oxidative stress-induced cell death 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Brett, E. I., M. B. Miller, E. L. S. Leavens, S. V. Lopez, T. L. Wagener and T. R. Leffingwell Journal of Sleep Research Electronic cigarette use and sleep health in young adults 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Curtis, A. F., M. B. Miller, J. Boissoneault, M. Robinson, R. Staud, R. B. Berry and C. S. McCrae Journal of Sleep Research Discrepancies in sleep diary and actigraphy assessments in adults with fibromyalgia: Associations with opioid dose and age 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Green, T. A., S. Whitt, J. L. Belden, S. Erdelez and C. R. Shyu Computer methods and programs in biomedicine Medical calculators: Prevalence, and barriers to use 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Rafi, M. A., M. A. Mamun, K. Hsan, M. Hossain and D. Gozal Frontiers in Psychiatry Psychological Implications of Unemployment Among Bangladesh Civil Service Job Seekers: A Pilot Study 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Almendros, I., P. Martínez-Ros, N. Farré, M. Rubio-Zaragoza, M. Torres, Á. Gutiérrez-Bautista, J. M. Carrillo-Poveda, J. J. Sopena-Juncosa, D. Gozal, A. Gonzalez-Bulnes and R. Farré Journal of applied physiology (Bethesda, Md. : 1985) Placental oxygen transfer reduces hypoxia-reoxygenation swings in fetal blood in a sheep model of gestational sleep apnea 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Ghiarone, T., V. A. Andrade-Souza, S. K. Learsi, F. Tomazini, T. Ataide-Silva, A. Sansonio, M. P. Fernandes, K. L. Saraiva, R. C. B. Q. Figueiredo, Y. Tourneur, J. Kuang, A. E. Lima-Silva and D. J. Bishop Journal of applied physiology (Bethesda, Md. : 1985) Twice-a-day training improves mitochondrial efficiency, but not mitochondrial biogenesis, compared with once-daily training 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Ouyang, A., T. D. Olver, C. A. Emter and B. S. Fleenor Journal of applied physiology (Bethesda, Md. : 1985) Chronic exercise training prevents coronary artery stiffening in aortic-banded miniswine: role of perivascular adipose-derived advanced glycation end products 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Passaro, C., D. Tutt, S. Bagés-Arnal, C. Maicas, R. Laguna-Barraza, A. Gutierrez-Adán, J. A. Browne, D. Rath, S. K. Behura, T. E. Spencer, T. Fair and P. Lonergan Reproduction Global transcriptomic response of bovine endometrium to blastocyst-stage embryos 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Franklin, S. P., A. M. Stoker, A. S. P. Lin, S. L. Pownder, E. E. Burke, C. C. Bozynski, K. Kuroki, R. E. Guldberg, J. L. Cook and S. P. Holmes Journal of Orthopaedic Research T1ρ, T2 mapping, and EPIC-µCT Imaging in a Canine Model of Knee Osteochondral Injury 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Palla, A. R., E. Smith and D. Doll Immunotherapy Bullous pemphigoid associated with the 480-mg nivolumab dose in a patient with metastatic renal cell carcinoma 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Hamilton, L. E., J. Suzuki, L. Aguila, M. C. Meinsohn, O. E. Smith, N. Protopapas, W. Xu, P. Sutovsky and R. Oko Biology of reproduction Sperm-borne glutathione-S-transferase omega 2 accelerates the nuclear decondensation of spermatozoa during fertilization in mice† 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Nanjappa, M. K., T. I. Medrano, A. M. Mesa, M. T. Ortega, P. D. Caldo, J. Mao, J. A. Kinkade, E. R. Levin, C. S. Rosenfeld and P. S. Cooke Biology of reproduction Mice lacking membrane estrogen receptor 1 are protected from reproductive pathologies resulting from developmental estrogen exposure† 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Salinas, M., M. López-Garrigós, E. Flores, J. Lugo, C. Leiva-Salinas, B. Massa-Dominguez, A. Gómez-Gras, N. Iranzo, A. Canals-Baeza, J. L. López-Blasco, E. Gonzalez-Alvaro, R. de Juan Francés, J. Gisbert-Segura, R. Oliver-Ros, A. Asencio-Aznar, J. J. Ballester-Baixaulí, B. B. Pardo-Tomas and P. C.-L. W. G. the Diabetes Therapy Laboratory Computer-Based Interventions for Better Adherence to Guidelines in the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Type 2 Diabetes 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Crum, T. E., R. D. Schnabel, J. E. Decker, L. C. A. Regitano and J. F. Taylor PLoS ONE Crumbler: A tool for the prediction of ancestry in cattle 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Khan, A. A., C. Maitz, C. Quanyu and F. Hawthorne PLoS ONE BNCT induced immunomodulatory effects contribute to mammary tumor inhibition 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Maldonado, M. B. C., N. B. De Rezende Neto, S. T. Nagamatsu, M. F. Carazzolle, J. L. Hoff, L. K. Whitacre, R. D. Schnabel, S. K. Behura, S. D. McKay, J. F. Taylor and F. L. Lopes PLoS ONE Identification of bovine CpG SNPs as potential targets for epigenetic regulation via DNA methylation 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Shao, Y., G. Xuan, Z. Hu, Z. Gao and L. Liu PLoS ONE Determination of the bruise degree for cherry using Vis-NIR reflection spectroscopy coupled with multivariate analysis 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Kamp, K. J., K. R. Weaver, L. B. Sherwin, P. Barney, S. K. Hwang, P. L. Yang, R. L. Burr, K. C. Cain and M. M. Heitkemper Journal of Psychosomatic Research Effects of a comprehensive self-management intervention on extraintestinal symptoms among patients with IBS 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Patwardhan, A. and C. H. Spencer Pediatric Rheumatology An unprecedented COPA gene mutation in two patients in the same family: Comparative clinical analysis of newly reported patients with other known COPA gene mutations 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Keith, M. H., G. E. Blomquist and M. V. Flinn American Journal of Physical Anthropology Anthropometric heritability and child growth in a Caribbean village: A quantitative genetic analysis of longitudinal height, weight, and body mass index in Bwa Mawego, Dominica 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Lyons, B. A., H. Akin and N. J. Stroud Risk Analysis Proximity (Mis)perception: Public Awareness of Nuclear, Refinery, and Fracking Sites 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Poleneni, S. R., E. Inniss, H. Shi, J. Yang, B. Hua and J. Clamp Water (Switzerland) Enhanced flocculation using drinking water treatment plant sedimentation residual solids 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Orique, S. B., L. Despins, B. J. Wakefield, S. Erdelez and A. Vogelsmeier Journal of Advanced Nursing Perception of clinical deterioration cues among medical-surgical nurses 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Bollig, C., J. Ahmad and L. Dooley Laryngoscope Effect of medical comorbidities on treatment regimen and survival in T3/T4 laryngeal cancer 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Namin, A. W., R. P. Zitsch, III and L. J. Layfield Laryngoscope Variability in pathologic interpretation of mandibular invasion 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Han, K. J., R. Subramanian and G. T. Cameron Health informatics journal Listen before you leap: Sri Lankan health professionals’ perspectives on m-health 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Geisert, R. D., A. L. Schmelzle, M. F. Smith and J. A. Green Advances in physiology education Altering rat sexual behavior to teach hormonal regulation of brain imprinting 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Bridges, C., C. Morris, J. A. McElroy, K. Quinn, J. Dyer and M. Becevic J Telemed Telecare Utility of Dermatology Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) sessions in the adult and paediatric population 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Lucas, C. G., P. R. Chen, F. K. Seixas, R. S. Prather and T. Collares Molecular Reproduction and Development Applications of omics and nanotechnology to improve pig embryo production in vitro 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Copley, L. A., C. H. Sharps, J. A. Gerardi, S. K. Gupta, K. L. Vanderhaave, J. F. Lovejoy, 3rd, J. P. Lubicky, S. A. Albanese, C. Jo and C. Practice Management Journal of pediatric orthopedics Electronic Medical Record Use and Satisfaction Among Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeons 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Rolbiecki, A. J., M. Teti, B. Crenshaw, J. W. LeMaster, J. Ordway and D. R. Mehr Pain Medicine (United States) Exploring lived experiences of chronic pain through photo-elicitation and social networking 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Halawa, A., T. Enezate and G. Flaker Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy Device monitoring in heart failure management: Outcomes based on a systematic review and meta-analysis 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Davis, A., T. J. Wolf and E. R. Foster American Journal of Occupational Therapy Complex task performance assessment (CTPA) and functional cognition in people with Parkinson’s disease 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Van Tiem, J. M., K. R. Stewart Steffensmeier, B. J. Wakefield, G. L. Stewart, N. A. Zemblidge, M. J. A. Steffen and J. Moeckli BMC Health Services Research Taking note: A qualitative study of implementing a scribing practice in team-based primary care clinics 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Jaffey, J. A., K. Wiggen, S. B. Leach, I. Masseau, R. E. Girens and C. R. Reinero Veterinary journal (London, England : 1997) Pulmonary hypertension secondary to respiratory disease and/or hypoxia in dogs: Clinical features, diagnostic testing and survival 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Pires, R. E. and M. Kfuri Journal of orthopaedic trauma Setting Yourself Up for Success: Locked Plating in Periprosthetic Fractures About Total Knee Arthroplasty 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Fagan, M. K. and K. N. Doveikis Journal of speech, language, and hearing research : JSLHR What Mothers Do After Infants Vocalize: Implications for Vocal Development or Word Learning? 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Mazurek, M. O., M. Baker-Ericzén and S. M. Kanne American journal on intellectual and developmental disabilities Brief Report: Calculation and Convergent and Divergent Validity of a New ADOS-2 Expressive Language Score 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Garrity, S., T. Lee-Fowler and C. Reinero Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Feline asthma and heartworm disease: Clinical features, diagnostics and therapeutics 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Amland, R. C. and K. E. Hahn-Cover American Journal of Medical Quality Clinical Decision Support for Early Recognition of Sepsis* 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Jain, R., S. Gautam, C. Wu, C. Shen, A. Jain, O. Giesdal, H. Chahal, H. Lin, D. A. Bluemke, E. Z. Soliman, S. Nazarian and J. A. C. Lima Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology Prognostic implications of QRS dispersion for major adverse cardiovascular events in asymptomatic women and men: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Sherwin, L. B., C. B. Deroche, P. Krisanabud, M. Matteson-Kome, M. Bechtold and T. Ruppar Western Journal of Nursing Research Adherence to Short-course Pharmacotherapy in Adults with Irritable Bowel Syndrome 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Marlow, M., S. Even, M. T. Hoban, K. Moore, M. Patel and M. Marin Journal of American College Health Universities’ experience with mumps outbreak response and use of a third dose of MMR vaccine 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Newland, P., A. Salter, A. Flach, L. Flick, F. P. Thomas, E. E. Gulick, M. Rantz and M. Skubic Rehabilitation Nursing Associations between Self-Reported Symptoms and Gait Parameters Using In-Home Sensors in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Namin, A. W., G. E. Cornell, E. H. Smith and R. P. Zitsch Facial Plastic Surgery Considerations for Timing of Defect Reconstruction in Cutaneous Melanoma of the Head and Neck 1.XXX Look up impact factor
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