Faculty Publications – October 2017

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Author Journal Title Article Title Journal Impact Factor
Tan, Z., P. Khakbaz, Y. Chen, J. Lombardo, J. M. Yoon, J. V. Shanks, J. B. Klauda, and L. R. Jarboe Metabolic Engineering Engineering Escherichia Coli Membrane Phospholipid Head Distribution Improves Tolerance and Production of Biorenewables 8.XXX Look up impact factor
Xiao, J., H. Cao, and J. Chen Bioinformatics False Discovery Rate Control Incorporating Phylogenetic Tree Increases Detection Power in Microbiome-Wide Multiple Testing 7.XXX Look up impact factor
Noguchi, K. K., S. A. Johnson, G. A. Dissen, L. D. Martin, F. M. Manzella, K. J. Schenning, J. W. Olney, and A. M. Brambrink British Journal of Anaesthesia Isoflurane Exposure for Three Hours Triggers Apoptotic Cell Death in Neonatal Macaque Brain 6.XXX Look up impact factor
Rantz, M., L. J. Phillips, C. Galambos, K. Lane, G. L. Alexander, L. Despins, R. J. Koopman, M. Skubic, L. Hicks, S. Miller, A. Craver, B. H. Harris, and C. B. Deroche Journal of the American Medical Directors Association Randomized Trial of Intelligent Sensor System for Early Illness Alerts in Senior Housing 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Roy, R., and M. Krenz Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology Heterozygous Deletion of Akt1 Rescues Cardiac Contractility, but Not Hypertrophy, in a Mouse Model of Noonan Syndrome with Multiple Lentigines 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Alam, K. K., K. D. Tawiah, M. F. Lichte, D. Porciani, and D. H. Burke ACS Synthetic Biology A Fluorescent Split Aptamer for Visualizing Rna-Rna Assembly in Vivo 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Katz, M. L., E. Rustad, G. O. Robinson, R. E. H. Whiting, J. T. Student, J. R. Coates, and K. Narfstrom Neurobiology of Disease Canine Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses: Promising Models for Preclinical Testing of Therapeutic Interventions 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Barik, S., J. S. Ellis, J. A. Cascio, M. M. Miller, T. K. Ukah, A. N. Cattin-Roy, and H. Zaghouani Journal of Immunology Il-4/Il-13 Heteroreceptor Influences Th17 Cell Conversion and Sensitivity to Regulatory T Cell Suppression to Restrain Experimental Allergic Encephalomyelitis 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Chen, C., A. Zare, H. N. Trinh, G. O. Omotara, J. T. Cobb, and T. A. Lagaunne IEEE Transactions on Image Processing Partial Membership Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Soft Image Segmentation 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Fogleman, N. D., S. Apers, P. Moons, S. Morrison, S. G. Wittekind, M. Tomlin, K. Gosney, M. A. Sluman, B. Johansson, J. Enomoto, M. Dellborg, C. W. Lu, R. Subramanyan, K. Luyckx, W. Budts, J. Jackson, A. Kovacs, A. Soufi, K. Eriksen, C. Thomet, M. Berghammer, E. Callus, S. M. Fernandes, M. Caruana, S. C. Cook, A. S. Mackie, K. S. White, P. Khairy, S. Kutty, and G. Veldtman American Heart Journal Regional Variation in Quality of Life in Patients with a Fontan Circulation: A Multinational Perspective 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Kirby, K. A., N. A. Myshakina, M. T. Christen, Y. L. Chen, H. A. Schmidt, A. D. Huber, Z. Xi, S. Kim, R. K. Rao, S. T. Kramer, Q. Yang, K. Singh, M. A. Parniak, Z. Wang, R. Ishima, and S. G. Sarafianos Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy A 2-Hydroxyisoquinoline-1,3-Dione Active-Site Rnase H Inhibitor Binds in Multiple Modes to Hiv-1 Reverse Transcriptase 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Ortinau, L. C., M. A. Linden, R. Dirkes, R. S. Rector, and P. S. Hinton Bone Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, Not a Diet High in Fat, Sucrose, and Cholesterol, Negatively Impacts Bone Outcomes in the Hyperphagic Otsuka Long Evans Tokushima Fatty Rat 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Chen, J., J. L. Martindale, C. Cramer, M. Gorospe, U. Atasoy, P. D. Drew, and S. Yu Journal of Biological Chemistry The Rna-Binding Protein Hur Contributes to Neuroinflammation by Promoting C-C Chemokine Receptor 6 (Ccr6) Expression on Th17 Cells 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Vogel, T. R., J. B. Smith, and R. L. Kruse Journal of Vascular Surgery The Association of Postoperative Glycemic Control and Lower Extremity Procedure Outcomes 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Iwamoto, D. K., W. Corbin, S. Takamatsu, and J. Castellanos Addictive Behaviors The Association between Multidimensional Feminine Norms, Binge Drinking and Alcohol-Related Problems among Young Adult College Women 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Kranawetter, C., S. Brady, L. Sun, M. Schroeder, S. J. Chen, and X. Heng Biochemistry Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of Rna Structures at the 3′-End of the Hepatitis C Virus Genome 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Thakur, A. K., M. G. Larimi, K. Gooden, and L. Movileanu Biochemistry Aberrantly Large Single-Channel Conductance of Polyhistidine Arm-Containing Protein Nanopores 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Oldeschulte, D. L., Y. A. Halley, M. L. Wilson, E. K. Bhattarai, W. Brashear, J. Hill, R. P. Metz, C. D. Johnson, D. Rollins, M. J. Peterson, D. M. Bickhart, J. E. Decker, J. F. Sewell, and C. M. Seabury G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics Annotated Draft Genome Assemblies for the Northern Bobwhite (Colinus Virginianus) and the Scaled Quail (Callipepla Squamata) Reveal Disparate Estimates of Modern Genome Diversity and Historic Effective Population Size 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Elnahas, M. O., M. A. Amin, M. M. D. Hussein, V. C. Shanbhag, A. E. Ali, and J. D. Wall Molecules Isolation, Characterization and Bioactivities of an Extracellular Polysaccharide Produced from Streptomyces Sp. Moe6 2.XXX Look up impact factor
DeMatteo, K. E., M. A. Rinas, J. P. Zurano, N. Selleski, R. G. Schneider, and C. F. Argüelles PLoS ONE Using Niche-Modelling and Species-Specific Cost Analyses to Determine a Multispecies Corridor in a Fragmented Landscape 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Findik, B. T., and L. L. Randall PLoS ONE Determination of the Intracellular Concentration of the Export Chaperone Secb in Escherichia Coli 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Kim, D. J., P. R. Norden, J. Salvador, D. M. Barry, S. L. K. Bowers, O. Cleaver, and G. E. Davis PLoS ONE Src- and Fyn-Dependent Apical Membrane Trafficking Events Control Endothelial Lumen Formation During Vascular Tube Morphogenesis 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Ortega, M. T., D. J. Foote, N. Nees, J. C. Erdmann, C. D. Bangs, and C. S. Rosenfeld PLoS ONE Karyotype Analysis and Sex Determination in Australian Brush-Turkeys (Alectura Lathami) 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Rosenfeld, C. S., N. D. Denslow, E. F. Orlando, J. M. Gutierrez-Villagomez, and V. L. Trudeau Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health – Part B: Critical Reviews Neuroendocrine Disruption of Organizational and Activational Hormone Programming in Poikilothermic Vertebrates 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Sprague, D. J., and D. C. Vinson Substance Abuse Patient Perceptions of Risky Drinking: Knowledge of Daily and Weekly Low-Risk Guidelines and Standard Drink Sizes 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Li, H., J. Hou, B. Adhikari, Q. Lyu, and J. Cheng BMC Bioinformatics Deep Learning Methods for Protein Torsion Angle Prediction 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Benes, J. A., K. N. House, F. N. Burks, K. P. Conaway, D. P. Julien, J. P. Donley, M. A. Iyamu, and A. D. McClellan Journal of Neurophysiology Regulation of Axonal Regeneration Following Spinal Cord Injury in the Lamprey 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Lett, K. M., V. J. Garcia, S. Temporal, D. Bucher, and D. J. Schulz Journal of Neurophysiology Removal of Endogenous Neuromodulators in a Small Motor Network Enhances Responsiveness to Neuromodulation 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Pollard, D. A., M. V. Reichard, L. A. Cohn, A. M. James, and P. J. Holman Veterinary Parasitology Genetic Variability of Cloned Cytauxzoon Felis Ribosomal Rna Its1 and Its2 Genomic Regions from Domestic Cats with Varied Clinical Outcomes from Five States 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Lack, W. D., B. D. Crist, R. B. Seymour, W. Harvin, and M. A. Karunakar Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma Effect of Tranexamic Acid on Transfusion: A Randomized Clinical Trial in Acetabular Fracture Surgery 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Grobman, M., H. Outi, H. Rindt, and C. Reinero Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine Serum Thymidine Kinase 1, Canine-C-Reactive Protein, Haptoglobin, and Vitamin D Concentrations in Dogs with Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia, Thrombocytopenia, and Polyarthropathy 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Nagykaldi, Z. J., D. Scheid, D. Zhao, B. Mishra, and T. Greever-Rice Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine An Innovative Community-Based Model for Improving Preventive Care in Rural Counties 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Kanawong, R., T. Obafemi-Ajayi, D. Liu, M. Zhang, D. Xu, and Y. Duan Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology Tongue Image Analysis and Its Mobile App Development for Health Diagnosis 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Chapel, N. M., C. J. Byrd, D. W. Lugar, G. M. Morello, L. H. Baumgard, J. W. Ross, T. J. Safranski, M. C. Lucy, and J. S. Johnson Journal of Animal Science Determining the Effects of Early Gestation in Utero Heat Stress on Postnatal Fasting Heat Production and Circulating Biomarkers Associated with Metabolism in Growing Pigs 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Stewart, W. C., T. R. Whitney, E. J. Scholljegerdes, D. M. Hallford, J. W. Walker, R. P. Adams, and H. D. Naumann Journal of Animal Science Effects of Feeding Ground Redberry Juniper (Juniperus Pinchotii) to Gestating Ewes on Pre- and Postpartum Performance, Serum Metabolites and Hormones, Milk Fatty Acid Composition, and Progeny Preweaning Performance 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Tizioto, P. C., L. L. Coutinho, G. B. Mourão, G. Gasparin, W. Malagó-Jr, F. A. Bressani, R. R. Tullio, R. T. Nassu, J. F. Taylor, and L. C. A. Regitano Animal Genetics Variation in Myogenic Differentiation 1 Mrna Abundance Is associated with Beef Tenderness in Nelore Cattle 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Aberdein, D., J. S. Munday, K. E. Dittmer, R. W. Heathcott, and L. A. Lyons New Zealand Veterinary Journal Frequency of a Fas Ligand Gene Variant Associated with Inherited Feline Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome in British Shorthair Cats in New Zealand 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Melendez, P., C. Romero, P. Pithua, M. P. Marin, P. Pinedo, and M. Duchens New Zealand Veterinary Journal Retrospective Evaluation of Milk Production and Culling Risk Following Either Surgical, Toggle-Pin Suture or Conservative Treatment of Left Displaced Abomasum in Chilean Dairy Cows 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Fortin, J. S., M. J. Calcutt, and D. Y. Kim Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica Sublingual Pythiosis in a Cat 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Philips, L., T. Bloom, T. Gainey, and E. Chiocca Journal of Nursing Education Influence of Short-Term Study Abroad Experiences on Community Health Baccalaureate Students 0.XXX Look up impact factor
Raines, B., E. Naclerio, and S. Sherman Indian Journal of Orthopaedics Management of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury? What's in and What's Out? 0.XXX Look up impact factor
Patel, A. R., V. Y. Dombrovskiy, and T. R. Vogel Vascular A Contemporary Evaluation of Carotid Endarterectomy Outcomes in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease in the United States 0.XXX Look up impact factor
Fortin, J. S., M. J. Calcutt, D. W. Nagy, and K. Kuroki Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine Intestinal Histoplasmosis in a Captive Reindeer (Rangifer Tarandus), Missouri, USA 0.XXX Look up impact factor
Kinney, M. E., A. C. Ericsson, C. L. Franklin, R. E. H. Whiting, and J. W. Pearce Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine Ocular Findings and Select Ophthalmic Diagnostic Tests in Captive American White Pelicans (Pelecanus Erythrorhynchos) 0.XXX Look up impact factor
Mott, R., K. Keller, and K. Funkenbusch Journal of Agromedicine "Keep Me Doing What I Love": A Photovoice Evaluation of the Missouri Agrability Project 0.XXX Look up impact factor
Ammenwerth, E., N. De Keizer, J. Brender Mcnair, C. K. Craven, E. Eisenstein, A. Georgiou, S. Khairat, F. Magrabi, P. Nykänen, P. Otero, M. Rigby, P. Scott, and C. Weir 62nd Annual Meeting of the German Association of Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology, GMDS 2017 How to Teach Health It Evaluation: Recommendations for Health It Evaluation Courses No impact factor
Turner, A. D., C. E. Reust, and L. E. Morris Evidence-Based Practice How Effective Is Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Patients with Type1 Diabetes? No impact factor
Brunner, J., D. Wallace, L. N. Keyes, and P. D. Polychronis Journal of College Student Psychotherapy The Comprehensive Counseling Center Model No impact factor
Dowdy, D. J., and K. L. Fisher Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography Sonographic Assessment of a Spigelian Hernia No impact factor
Crist, B. D., A. M. Stoker, F. M. Pfeiffer, K. Kuroki, C. R. Cook, S. P. Franklin, J. P. Stannard, and J. L. Cook Journal of Orthopaedic Translation Optimising Femoral-Head Osteochondral Allograft Transplantation in a Preclinical Model No impact factor
Nuelle, C. W., C. R. Cook, A. M. Stoker, J. L. Cook, and S. L. Sherman Journal of Orthopaedic Translation In vitro Toxicity of Local Anaesthetics and Corticosteroids on Supraspinatus Tenocyte Viability and Metabolism No impact factor
Stannard, J. T., K. Edamura, A. M. Stoker, G. D. O'Connell, K. Kuroki, C. T. Hung, T. J. Choma, and J. L. Cook Journal of Orthopaedic Translation Development of a Whole Organ Culture Model for Intervertebral Disc Disease No impact factor
Hodges, K., S. Misra, and J. A. McElroy Journal of Yoga and Physiotherapy Stressed out by Election Results – Take a Deep Breath No impact factor
Sun, L. Z., and S. J. Chen Methods in Molecular Biology A New Method to Predict Ion Effects in Rna Folding No impact factor
Tian, K., R. Shi, A. Gu, M. Pennella, and L. Q. Gu Methods in Molecular Biology Polycationic Probe-Guided Nanopore Single-Molecule Counter for Selective Mirna Detection No impact factor
Alafaireet, P., J. Belden, M. Botkin, K. Kochendorfer, R. Kruse, D. Streckler, and J. Williams Missouri Medicine Embedding a Medical Search Engine within an Electronic Health Record No impact factor
Ma, M., B. Hotrabhavananda, J. Hall, and M. Skubic 2nd IEEE International Conference on Connected Health: Applications, Systems and Engineering Technologies, CHASE 2017 Assistive Adjustable Smart Shower System No impact factor
Ma, M., R. Proffitt, and M. Skubic 2nd IEEE International Conference on Connected Health: Applications, Systems and Engineering Technologies, CHASE 2017 Quantitative Assessment and Validation of a Stroke Rehabilitation Game No impact factor
Ma, M., M. Skubic, K. Ai, and J. Hubbard 2nd IEEE International Conference on Connected Health: Applications, Systems and Engineering Technologies, CHASE 2017 Angel-Echo: A Personalized Health Care Application No impact factor
Muheidat, F., and H. W. Tyrer 2nd IEEE International Conference on Connected Health: Applications, Systems and Engineering Technologies, CHASE 2017 Deriving Information from Low Spatial Resolution Floor-Based Personnel Detection System No impact factor

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