Faculty Publications – November 2019

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Leebens-Mack, J. H., M. S. Barker, E. J. Carpenter, M. K. Deyholos, M. A. Gitzendanner, S. W. Graham, I. Grosse, Z. Li, M. Melkonian, S. Mirarab, M. Porsch, M. Quint, S. A. Rensing, D. E. Soltis, P. S. Soltis, D. W. Stevenson, K. K. Ullrich, N. J. Wickett, L. DeGironimo, P. P. Edger, I. E. Jordon-Thaden, S. Joya, T. Liu, B. Melkonian, N. W. Miles, L. Pokorny, C. Quigley, P. Thomas, J. C. Villarreal, M. M. Augustin, M. D. Barrett, R. S. Baucom, D. J. Beerling, R. M. Benstein, E. Biffin, S. F. Brockington, D. O. Burge, J. N. Burris, K. P. Burris, V. Burtet-Sarramegna, A. L. Caicedo, S. B. Cannon, Z. Çebi, Y. Chang, C. Chater, J. M. Cheeseman, T. Chen, N. D. Clarke, H. Clayton, S. Covshoff, B. J. Crandall-Stotler, H. Cross, C. W. dePamphilis, J. P. Der, R. Determann, R. C. Dickson, V. S. Di Stilio, S. Ellis, E. Fast, N. Feja, K. J. Field, D. A. Filatov, P. M. Finnegan, S. K. Floyd, B. Fogliani, N. García, G. Gâteblé, G. T. Godden, F. Q. Y. Goh, S. Greiner, A. Harkess, J. M. Heaney, K. E. Helliwell, K. Heyduk, J. M. Hibberd, R. G. J. Hodel, P. M. Hollingsworth, M. T. J. Johnson, R. Jost, B. Joyce, M. V. Kapralov, E. Kazamia, E. A. Kellogg, M. A. Koch, M. Von Konrat, K. Könyves, T. M. Kutchan, V. Lam, A. Larsson, A. R. Leitch, R. Lentz, F. W. Li, A. J. Lowe, M. Ludwig, P. S. Manos, E. Mavrodiev, M. K. McCormick, M. McKain, T. McLellan, J. R. McNeal, R. E. Miller, M. N. Nelson, Y. Peng, P. Ralph, D. Real, C. W. Riggins, M. Ruhsam, R. F. Sage, A. K. Sakai, M. Scascitella, E. E. Schilling, E. M. Schlösser, H. Sederoff, S. Servick, E. B. Sessa, A. J. Shaw, S. W. Shaw, E. M. Sigel, C. Skema, A. G. Smith, A. Smithson, C. N. Stewart, Jr., J. R. Stinchcombe, P. Szövényi, J. A. Tate, H. Tiebel, D. Trapnell, M. Villegente, C. N. Wang, S. G. Weller, M. Wenzel, S. Weststrand, J. H. Westwood, D. F. Whigham, S. Wu, A. S. Wulff, Y. Yang, D. Zhu, C. Zhuang, J. Zuidof, M. W. Chase, J. C. Pires, C. J. Rothfels, J. Yu, C. Chen, L. Chen, S. Cheng, J. Li, R. Li, X. Li, H. Lu, Y. Ou, X. Sun, X. Tan, J. Tang, Z. Tian, F. Wang, J. Wang, X. Wei, X. Xu, Z. Yan, F. Yang, X. Zhong, F. Zhou, Y. Zhu, Y. Zhang, S. Ayyampalayam, T. J. Barkman, N. P. Nguyen, N. Matasci, D. R. Nelson, E. Sayyari, E. K. Wafula, R. L. Walls, T. Warnow, H. An, N. Arrigo, A. E. Baniaga, S. Galuska, S. A. Jorgensen, T. I. Kidder, H. Kong, P. Lu-Irving, H. E. Marx, X. Qi, C. R. Reardon, B. L. Sutherland, G. P. Tiley, S. R. Welles, R. Yu, S. Zhan, L. Gramzow, G. Theißen, G. K. S. Wong and I. One Thousand Plant Transcriptomes Nature One thousand plant transcriptomes and the phylogenomics of green plants 43.XXX Look up impact factor
Eom, J. S., D. Luo, G. Atienza-Grande, J. Yang, C. Ji, V. Thi Luu, J. C. Huguet-Tapia, S. N. Char, B. Liu, H. Nguyen, S. M. Schmidt, B. Szurek, C. Vera Cruz, F. F. White, R. Oliva, B. Yang and W. B. Frommer Nature Biotechnology Diagnostic kit for rice blight resistance 31.XXX Look up impact factor
Oliva, R., C. Ji, G. Atienza-Grande, J. C. Huguet-Tapia, A. Perez-Quintero, T. Li, J. S. Eom, C. Li, H. Nguyen, B. Liu, F. Auguy, C. Sciallano, V. T. Luu, G. S. Dossa, S. Cunnac, S. M. Schmidt, I. H. Slamet-Loedin, C. Vera Cruz, B. Szurek, W. B. Frommer, F. F. White and B. Yang Nature Biotechnology Broad-spectrum resistance to bacterial blight in rice using genome editing 31.XXX Look up impact factor
Dun, C., W. Kuang, N. Kempf, M. Saeidi-Javash, D. J. Singh and Y. Zhang Advanced Science 3D Printing of Solution-Processable 2D Nanoplates and 1D Nanorods for Flexible Thermoelectrics with Ultrahigh Power Factor at Low-Medium Temperatures 15.XXX Look up impact factor
Lv, B., Q. Yu, J. Liu, X. Wen, Z. Yan, K. Hu, H. Li, X. Kong, C. Li, H. Tian, I. De Smet, X. S. Zhang and Z. Ding EMBO Journal Non-canonical AUX/IAA protein IAA33 competes with canonical AUX/IAA repressor IAA5 to negatively regulate auxin signaling 11.XXX Look up impact factor
Fitzgerald, H. C., P. Dhakal, S. K. Behura, D. J. Schust and T. E. Spencer Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Self-renewing endometrial epithelial organoids of the human uterus 9.XXX Look up impact factor
Sulovari, A., R. Li, P. A. Audano, D. Porubsky, M. R. Vollger, G. A. Logsdon, W. C. Warren, A. A. Pollen, M. J. P. Chaisson and E. E. Eichler Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Human-specific tandem repeat expansion and differential gene expression during primate evolution 9.XXX Look up impact factor
West, R. C., H. Ming, D. M. Logsdon, J. Sun, S. K. Rajput, R. A. Kile, W. B. Schoolcraft, R. Michael Roberts, R. L. Krisher, Z. Jiang and Y. Yuan Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Dynamics of trophoblast differentiation in peri-implantation-stage human embryos 9.XXX Look up impact factor
Hall, P. S., C. I. O’Donnell, V. Mathew, S. Garcia, A. A. Bavry, S. Banerjee, H. Jneid, A. E. Denktas, J. C. Giacomini, P. M. Grossman, K. Aggarwal, J. M. Zimmet, E. E. Tseng, L. Gozdecki, L. Burke, S. C. Bertog, M. Buchbinder, M. E. Plomondon, S. W. Waldo and K. A. Shunk JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions Outcomes of Veterans Undergoing TAVR Within Veterans Affairs Medical Centers: Insights From the Veterans Affairs Clinical Assessment, Reporting, and Tracking Program 9.XXX Look up impact factor
Cofresí, R. U., B. D. Bartholow and T. M. Piasecki Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews Evidence for incentive salience sensitization as a pathway to alcohol use disorder 8.XXX Look up impact factor
Grunewald, Z. I., T. J. Jurrissen, M. L. Woodford, F. I. Ramirez-Perez, L. K. Park, R. Pettit-Mee, T. Ghiarone, S. M. Brown, M. Morales-Quinones, J. R. Ball, K. F. Staveley-O’Carroll, A. R. Aroor, P. J. Fadel, P. Paradis, E. L. Schiffrin, S. B. Bender, L. A. Martinez-Lemus and J. Padilla Hypertension (Dallas, Tex. : 1979) Chronic Elevation of Endothelin-1 Alone May Not Be Sufficient to Impair Endothelium-Dependent Relaxation 7.XXX Look up impact factor
Gogate, L. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines Maternal object naming is less adapted to preterm infants’ than to term infants’ word mapping 6.XXX Look up impact factor
Valyear, K. F., B. A. Philip, C. M. Cirstea, P. W. Chen, N. A. Baune, N. Marchal and S. H. Frey NeuroImage Interhemispheric transfer of post-amputation cortical plasticity within the human somatosensory cortex 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Valliyodan, B., S. B. Cannon, P. E. Bayer, S. Shu, A. V. Brown, L. Ren, J. Jenkins, C. Y. L. Chung, T. F. Chan, C. G. Daum, C. Plott, A. Hastie, K. Baruch, K. W. Barry, W. Huang, G. Patil, R. K. Varshney, H. Hu, J. Batley, Y. Yuan, Q. Song, R. M. Stupar, D. M. Goodstein, G. Stacey, H. M. Lam, S. A. Jackson, J. Schmutz, J. Grimwood, D. Edwards and H. T. Nguyen Plant Journal Construction and comparison of three reference-quality genome assemblies for soybean 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Albersheim, J., N. J. Sathianathen, J. Zabell, J. Renier, T. Bailey, P. Hanna, B. R. Konety and C. J. Weight The Journal of urology Skeletal Muscle and Fat Mass Indexes Predict Discharge Disposition after Radical Cystectomy 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Holbein, C. E., J. Peugh, G. R. Veldtman, S. Apers, K. Luyckx, A. H. Kovacs, C. Thomet, W. Budts, J. Enomoto, M. A. Sluman, C. W. Lu, J. L. Jackson, P. Khairy, S. C. Cook, S. Chidambarathanu, L. Alday, K. Eriksen, M. Dellborg, M. Berghammer, B. Johansson, A. S. Mackie, S. Menahem, M. Caruana, A. Soufi, S. M. Fernandes, K. White, E. Callus, S. Kutty, P. Moons, A.-I. S. c. on behalf of the and D. the International Society for Adult Congenital Heart European Journal of Preventive Cardiology Health behaviours reported by adults with congenital heart disease across 15 countries 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Yeh, J. T. and T. C. Hwang Journal of Physiology Positional effects of premature termination codons on the biochemical and biophysical properties of CFTR 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Wang, X., Z. Zhang, N. Zhang, H. Li, L. Zhang, C. P. Baines and S. Ding Journal of Neurochemistry Subcellular NAMPT-mediated NAD+ salvage pathways and their roles in bioenergetics and neuronal protection after ischemic injury 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Rauh, S. P., M. W. Heymans, T. van der Maaden, D. R. Mehr, R. L. Kruse, H. C. W. de Vet and J. T. van der Steen The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences Predicting Mortality in Nursing Home Residents With Dementia and Pneumonia Treated With Antibiotics: Validation of a Prediction Model in a More Recent Population 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Li, X., M. Jiang, T. Tan, C. A. Narasimhulu, Y. Xiao, H. Hao, Y. Cui, J. Zhang, L. Liu, C. Yang, Y. Li, J. Ma, C. M. Verfaillie, S. Parthasarathy, H. Zhu and Z. Liu Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine N-acetylcysteine prevents oxidized low-density lipoprotein-induced reduction of MG53 and enhances MG53 protective effect on bone marrow stem cells 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Geng, X., B. Yang, R. Li, T. Teng, M. J. Ladu, G. Y. Sun, C. M. Greenlief and J. C. Lee Molecular Neurobiology Effects of Docosahexaenoic Acid and Its Peroxidation Product on Amyloid-β Peptide-Stimulated Microglia 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Lall, N., A. Chrysargyris, I. Lambrechts, B. Fibrich, A. B. V. Staden, D. Twilley, M. N. Canha, C. B. Oosthuizen, D. Bodiba and N. Tzortzakis Antioxidants Sideritis perfoliata (subsp. perfoliata) nutritive value and its potential medicinal properties 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Carter, J., H. Q. Huang, J. Armer, J. W. Carlson, S. Lockwood, S. Nolte, B. R. Stewart, J. Kauderer, A. Hutson, J. L. Walker, A. C. Fleury, A. Bonebrake, J. T. Soper, C. Mathews, O. Zivanovic, W. E. Richards, A. Tan, D. S. Alberts, R. R. Barakat and L. Wenzel Gynecologic Oncology GOG 244 – The LymphEdema and Gynecologic cancer (LEG) study: The association between the gynecologic cancer lymphedema questionnaire (GCLQ) and lymphedema of the lower extremity (LLE) 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Grond, K., J. W. Santo Domingo, R. B. Lanctot, A. Jumpponen, R. L. Bentzen, M. L. Boldenow, S. C. Brown, B. Casler, J. A. Cunningham, A. C. Doll, S. Freeman, B. L. Hill, S. J. Kendall, E. Kwon, J. R. Liebezeit, L. Pirie-Dominix, J. Rausch and B. K. Sandercock Frontiers in Microbiology Composition and Drivers of Gut Microbial Communities in Arctic-Breeding Shorebirds 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Zhang, L., Z. Chen, X. Xia, J. Chi, H. Li, X. Liu, R. Li, Y. Li, D. Liu, D. Tian, H. Wang, G. F. Petroski, G. C. Flaker, H. Hao, Z. Liu and C. Xu Atherosclerosis Helicobacter pylori infection selectively increases the risk for carotid atherosclerosis in young males 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Khalyfa, A. and D. Sanz-Rubio International Journal of Molecular Sciences Genetics and extracellular vesicles of pediatrics sleep disordered breathing and epilepsy 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Olver, T. D., Z. I. Grunewald, T. Ghiarone, R. M. Restaino, A. R. K. Sales, L. K. Park, P. K. Thorne, R. R. Ganga, C. A. Emter, P. W. R. Lemon, J. K. Shoemaker, C. Manrique-Acevedo, L. A. Martinez-Lemus and J. Padilla American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiology Persistent insulin signaling coupled with restricted PI3K activation causes insulin-induced vasoconstriction 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Morton, A. B., C. E. Norton, N. L. Jacobsen, C. A. Fernando, D. D. W. Cornelison and S. S. Segal Skeletal Muscle Barium chloride injures myofibers through calcium-induced proteolysis with fragmentation of motor nerves and microvessels 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Pawlowski, M. L., T. D. Vuong, B. Valliyodan, H. T. Nguyen and G. L. Hartman Theoretical and Applied Genetics Whole-genome resequencing identifies quantitative trait loci associated with mycorrhizal colonization of soybean 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Wang, X., F. Qi, H. Xing, X. Zhang, C. Lu, J. Zheng and X. Ren Drug Delivery Uniform-sized insulin-loaded PLGA microspheres for improved early-stage peri-implant bone regeneration 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Cui, Y., D. G. Grant, J. Lin, X. Yu and A. W. E. Franz Viruses Zika Virus Dissemination from the Midgut of Aedes aegypti is Facilitated by Bloodmeal-Mediated Structural Modification of the Midgut Basal Lamina 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Liu, D., P. R. Tedbury, S. Lan, A. D. Huber, M. N. Puray-Chavez, J. Ji, E. Michailidis, M. Saeed, T. P. Ndongwe, L. C. Bassit, R. F. Schinazi, R. Ralston, C. M. Rice and S. G. Sarafianos Viruses Visualization of Positive and Negative Sense Viral RNA for Probing the Mechanism of Direct-Acting Antivirals against Hepatitis C Virus 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Padilla, J., M. L. Woodford, G. Lastra-Gonzalez, V. Martinez-Diaz, S. Fujie, Y. Yang, A. M. C. Lising, F. I. Ramirez-Perez, A. R. Aroor, M. Morales-Quinones, T. Ghiarone, A. Whaley-Connell, L. A. Martinez-Lemus, M. A. Hill and C. Manrique-Acevedo Endocrinology Sexual Dimorphism in Obesity-Associated Endothelial ENaC Activity and Stiffening in Mice 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Kukolj, C., F. O. Pedrosa, G. A. De Souza, L. W. Sumner, Z. Lei, B. Sumner, F. P. Do Amaral, W. Juexin, J. Trupti, L. F. Huergo, R. A. Monteiro, G. Valdameri, G. Stacey and E. M. De Souza Journal of Proteome Research Proteomic and Metabolomic Analysis of Azospirillum brasilense ntrC Mutant under High and Low Nitrogen Conditions 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Zhu, F., X. Zhao, J. Li, L. Guo, L. Bai and X. Qi Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy A new compound Trichomicin exerts antitumor activity through STAT3 signaling inhibition 3.XXX Look up impact factor
McCrae, C. S., W. S. Chan, A. F. Curtis, C. B. Deroche, M. Munoz, S. Takamatsu, J. E. Muckerman, N. Takahashi, D. McCann, K. McGovney, P. Sahota and M. O. Mazurek Autism Research Cognitive behavioral treatment of insomnia in school-aged children with autism spectrum disorder: A pilot feasibility study 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Li, L., Y. Jing, M. Z. Dong, L. H. Fan, Q. N. Li, Z. B. Wang, Y. Hou, H. Schatten, C. L. Zhang and Q. Y. Sun Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology Type 1 diabetes affects zona pellucida and genome methylation in oocytes and granulosa cells 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Hou, L., S. I. Mulla, J. P. Niño-Garcia, D. Ning, A. Rashid, A. Hu and C. P. Yu Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Deterministic and stochastic processes driving the shift in the prokaryotic community composition in wastewater treatment plants of a coastal Chinese city 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Teh, S. L., B. Rostandy, M. Awale, J. J. Luby, A. Fennell and A. D. Hegeman Horticulture Research Genetic analysis of stilbenoid profiles in grapevine stems reveals a major mQTL hotspot on chromosome 18 associated with disease-resistance motifs 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Kiser, J. N., E. Clancey, J. G. N. Moraes, J. Dalton, G. W. Burns, T. E. Spencer and H. L. Neibergs BMC genomics Identification of loci associated with conception rate in primiparous Holstein cows 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Davis, C. N., W. S. Slutske, N. G. Martin, A. Agrawal and M. T. Lynskey Drug and Alcohol Dependence Identifying subtypes of cannabis users based on simultaneous polysubstance use 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Ransome, Y., A. M. Haeny, Y. E. McDowell and A. Jordan Drug and Alcohol Dependence Religious involvement and racial disparities in opioid use disorder between 2004-2005 and 2012-2013: Results from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Zapata-Carmona, H., L. Barón, L. M. Zuñiga, E. S. Díaz, M. Kong, E. Z. Drobnis, P. Sutovsky and P. Morales Molecular Human Reproduction The activation of the chymotrypsin-like activity of the proteasome is regulated by soluble adenyl cyclase/cAMP/protein kinase A pathway and required for human sperm capacitation 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Oliver, D. P., K. T. Washington, G. Demiris and P. White Journal of Pain and Symptom Management Challenges in Implementing Hospice Clinical Trials: Preserving Scientific Integrity While Facing Change 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Zuidema, D. and P. Sutovsky Cell and Tissue Research The domestic pig as a model for the study of mitochondrial inheritance 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Liu, Y., J. Zhu, X. Guo, T. Huang, J. Han, J. Gao, D. Xu and W. Han Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics How oncogenic mutations activate human MAP kinase 1 (MEK1): a molecular dynamics simulation study 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Haney, M. M., A. Hamad, H. G. Woldu, M. Ciucci, N. Nichols, F. Bunyak and T. E. Lever Journal of Comparative Neurology Recurrent laryngeal nerve transection in mice results in translational upper airway dysfunction 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Joyner, K. J., L. Z. Meshesha, A. A. Dennhardt, B. Borsari, M. P. Martens and J. G. Murphy Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research High Opportunity Cost Demand as an Indicator of Weekday Drinking and Distinctly Severe Alcohol Problems: A Behavioral Economic Analysis 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Miller, M. B., J. Metrik, B. Borsari and K. M. Jackson Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research Longitudinal Associations between Sleep, Intrusive Thoughts, and Alcohol Problems Among Veterans 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Chen, K., T. Tang, Q. Song, Z. Wang, K. He, X. Liu, J. Song, L. Wang, Y. Yang and C. Feng Frontiers in Physiology Transcription Analysis of the Stress and Immune Response Genes to Temperature Stress in Ostrinia furnacalis 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Glinskii, O. V., V. H. Huxley, L. Xie, F. Bunyak, K. Palaniappan and V. V. Glinsky Frontiers in Physiology Complex non-sinus-associated pachymeningeal lymphatic structures: Interrelationship with blood microvasculature 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Yang, L., B. Wan, B. B. Wang, M. M. Liu, Q. Fang, Q. S. Song and G. Y. Ye Frontiers in Physiology The Pupal Ectoparasitoid Pachycrepoideus vindemmiae Regulates Cellular and Humoral Immunity of Host Drosophila melanogaster 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Oliver, H. A., C. C. Bozynski, C. R. Cook, K. Kuroki, S. L. Sherman, A. M. Stoker and J. L. Cook Journal of Orthopaedic Research Enhanced Subchondroplasty Treatment for Post-Traumatic Cartilage and Subchondral Bone Marrow Lesions in a Canine Model 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Ko, B., J. D’Alessandro, L. Douangkeomany, S. Stumpf, A. deButts and J. Blodgett Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology Construction of a new integrating vector from actinophage ϕOZJ and its use in multiplex Streptomyces transformation 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Yasar, S. J., T. Bickel, S. Zhang, M. Akkaya, S. G. Aznaurov, K. Krishnan, P. S. Cuculich and S. Gautam Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology Heparin reversal with protamine sulfate is not required in atrial fibrillation ablation with suture hemostasis 2.XXX Look up impact factor
McLeskey, J., B. Billingsley, M. T. Brownell, L. Maheady and T. J. Lewis Remedial and Special Education What Are High-Leverage Practices for Special Education Teachers and Why Are They Important? 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Xie, J., T. Ji, M. A. R. Ferreira, Y. Li, B. N. Patel and R. M. Rivera BMC Bioinformatics Modeling allele-specific expression at the gene and SNP levels simultaneously by a Bayesian logistic mixed regression model 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Cannon, J. F. Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics Novel phosphorylation-dependent regulation in an unstructured protein 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Lensink, M. F., G. Brysbaert, N. Nadzirin, S. Velankar, R. A. G. Chaleil, T. Gerguri, P. A. Bates, E. Laine, A. Carbone, S. Grudinin, R. Kong, R. R. Liu, X. M. Xu, H. Shi, S. Chang, M. Eisenstein, A. Karczynska, C. Czaplewski, E. Lubecka, A. Lipska, P. Krupa, M. Mozolewska, Ł. Golon, S. Samsonov, A. Liwo, S. Crivelli, G. Pagès, M. Karasikov, M. Kadukova, Y. Yan, S. Y. Huang, M. Rosell, L. A. Rodríguez-Lumbreras, M. Romero-Durana, L. Díaz-Bueno, J. Fernandez-Recio, C. Christoffer, G. Terashi, W. H. Shin, T. Aderinwale, S. R. Maddhuri Venkata Subraman, D. Kihara, D. Kozakov, S. Vajda, K. Porter, D. Padhorny, I. Desta, D. Beglov, M. Ignatov, S. Kotelnikov, I. H. Moal, D. W. Ritchie, I. Chauvot de Beauchêne, B. Maigret, M. D. Devignes, M. E. Ruiz Echartea, D. Barradas-Bautista, Z. Cao, L. Cavallo, R. Oliva, Y. Cao, Y. Shen, M. Baek, T. Park, H. Woo, C. Seok, M. Braitbard, L. Bitton, D. Scheidman-Duhovny, J. Dapkūnas, K. Olechnovič, Č. Venclovas, P. J. Kundrotas, S. Belkin, D. Chakravarty, V. D. Badal, I. A. Vakser, T. Vreven, S. Vangaveti, T. Borrman, Z. Weng, J. D. Guest, R. Gowthaman, B. G. Pierce, X. Xu, R. Duan, L. Qiu, J. Hou, B. Ryan Merideth, Z. Ma, J. Cheng, X. Zou, P. I. Koukos, J. Roel-Touris, F. Ambrosetti, C. Geng, J. Schaarschmidt, M. E. Trellet, A. S. J. Melquiond, L. Xue, B. Jiménez-García, C. W. van Noort, R. V. Honorato, A. M. J. J. Bonvin and S. J. Wodak Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics Blind prediction of homo- and hetero-protein complexes: The CASP13-CAPRI experiment 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Li, M. and G. L. Hazelbauer Protein Science Methyltransferase CheR binds to its chemoreceptor substrates independent of their signaling conformation yet modifies them differentially 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Gummi, R. R., N. A. Kukulka, C. B. Deroche and R. Govindarajan Muscle and Nerve Factors associated with acute exacerbations of myasthenia gravis 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Li, S., Q. Wu and J. Sun Statistical Methods in Medical Research Penalized estimation of semiparametric transformation models with interval-censored data and application to Alzheimer’s disease 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Kim, P. J., C. E. Attinger, T. Constantine, B. D. Crist, E. Faust, C. R. Hirche, L. A. Lavery, V. J. Messina, N. Ohura, L. J. Punch, G. A. Wirth, I. Younis and L. Téot International Wound Journal Negative pressure wound therapy with instillation: International consensus guidelines update 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Cristel, R. T., P. T. Russell and H. S. Sims Laryngoscope Trauma-informed care improves management of paradoxical vocal fold movement patients 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Moskowitz, J. E., F. Andreatta and J. Amos-Landgraf Mammalian Genome The gut microbiota modulates differential adenoma suppression by B6/J and B6/N genetic backgrounds in Apc Min mice 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Namanja, A. T., J. Xu, H. Wu, Q. Sun, A. K. Upadhyay, C. Sun, S. R. Van Doren and A. M. Petros Journal of Biomolecular NMR NMR-based fragment screening and lead discovery accelerated by principal component analysis 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Bernier Gosselin, V., S. Dufour and J. R. Middleton Preventive Veterinary Medicine Association between species-specific staphylococcal intramammary infections and milk somatic cell score over time in dairy goats 2.XXX Look up impact factor
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