Faculty Publications – March 2018

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Authors Journal Title Article Title Journal Impact Factor
Lopes, R. D., R. Rordorf, G. M. De Ferrari, S. Leonardi, L. Thomas, D. M. Wojdyla, P. Ridefelt, J. H. Lawrence, R. De Caterina, D. Vinereanu, M. Hanna, G. Flaker, S. M. Al-Khatib, S. H. Hohnloser, J. H. Alexander, C. B. Granger, and L. Wallentin Journal of the American College of Cardiology Digoxin and Mortality in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation 19.XXX Look up impact factor
Li, G., D. Liu, E. T. Kimchi, J. T. Kaifi, X. Qi, Y. Manjunath, X. Liu, T. Deering, D. M. Avella, T. Fox, D. C. Rockey, T. D. Schell, M. Kester, and K. F. Staveley-O’Carroll Gastroenterology Nanoliposome C6-Ceramide Increases the Anti-Tumor Immune Response and Slows Growth of Liver Tumors in Mice 18.XXX Look up impact factor
Liu, C., T. Li, H. Abroshan, Z. Li, C. Zhang, H. J. Kim, G. Li, and R. Jin Nature Communications Chiral Ag23 Nanocluster with Open Shell Electronic Structure and Helical Face-Centered Cubic Framework 12.XXX Look up impact factor
Sun, J. P., P. Shahi, H. X. Zhou, Y. L. Huang, K. Y. Chen, B. S. Wang, S. L. Ni, N. N. Li, K. Zhang, W. G. Yang, Y. Uwatoko, G. Xing, J. Sun, D. J. Singh, K. Jin, F. Zhou, G. M. Zhang, X. L. Dong, Z. X. Zhao, and J. G. Cheng Nature Communications Reemergence of High-T C Superconductivity in the (Li1-X Fe X )Ohfe1-Y Se under High Pressure 12.XXX Look up impact factor
Wang, H., Z. Gao, X. Liu, P. Agarwal, S. Zhao, D. W. Conroy, G. Ji, J. Yu, C. P. Jaroniec, Z. Liu, X. Lu, X. Li, and X. He Nature Communications Targeted Production of Reactive Oxygen Species in Mitochondria to Overcome Cancer Drug Resistance 12.XXX Look up impact factor
Niu, K., X. Zhang, H. Deng, F. Wu, Y. Ren, H. Xiang, S. Zheng, L. Liu, L. Huang, B. Zeng, S. Li, Q. Xia, Q. Song, S. R. Palli, and Q. Feng Nucleic Acids Research Bmilf and I-Motif Structure Are Involved in Transcriptional Regulation of Bmpoum2 in Bombyx Mori 10.XXX Look up impact factor
Moraes, J. G. N., S. K. Behura, T. W. Geary, P. J. Hansen, H. L. Neibergs, and T. E. Spencer Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Uterine Influences on Conceptus Development in Fertility-Classified Animals 9.XXX Look up impact factor
O’Shaughnessy, M. J., K. S. Murray, S. P. La Rosa, S. Budhu, T. Merghoub, A. Somma, S. Monette, K. Kim, R. B. Corradi, A. Scherz, and J. A. Coleman Clinical Cancer Research Systemic Antitumor Immunity by Pd-1/Pd-L1 Inhibition Is Potentiated by Vascular-Targeted Photodynamic Therapy of Primary Tumors 9.XXX Look up impact factor
Yang, J., S. Thames, N. B. Best, H. Jiang, P. Huang, B. P. Dilkes, and A. L. Eveland Plant Cell Brassinosteroids Modulate Meristem Fate and Differentiation of Unique Inflorescence Morphology in Setaria Viridis 8.XXX Look up impact factor
Du, M., X. Xu, L. Yang, Y. Guo, S. Guan, J. Shi, J. Wang, and Y. Fang Biosensors and Bioelectronics Simultaneous Surface and Depth Neural Activity Recording with Graphene Transistor-Based Dual-Modality Probes 7.XXX Look up impact factor
Kick, D. R., and D. J. Schulz eLife Variability in Neural Networks 7.XXX Look up impact factor
Ma, W., C. Chen, Y. Liu, M. Zeng, B. C. Meyers, J. Li, and R. Xia New Phytologist Coupling of Microrna-Directed Phased Small Interfering Rna Generation from Long Noncoding Genes with Alternative Splicing and Alternative Polyadenylation in Small Rna-Mediated Gene Silencing 7.XXX Look up impact factor
Golda, N., S. Beeson, N. Kohli, and B. Merrill Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology Analysis of the Patient Experience Measure 7.XXX Look up impact factor
Golda, N., S. Beeson, N. Kohli, and B. Merrill Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology Recommendations for Improving the Patient Experience in Specialty Encounters 7.XXX Look up impact factor
Kang, X., C. Cui, C. Wang, G. Wu, H. Chen, Z. Lu, X. Chen, L. Wang, J. Huang, H. Geng, M. Zhao, Z. Chen, M. Müschen, H. Y. Wang, and C. C. Zhang Journal of Hematology and Oncology Camks Support Development of Acute Myeloid Leukemia 6.XXX Look up impact factor
Mokdad, A. A., A. Ali, A. C. Yopp, P. M. Polanco, I. Nassour, J. C. Mansour, M. A. Choti, R. M. Minter, S. C. Wang, and M. R. Porembka Cancer Adoption of Evidence-Based Novel Therapies in the Treatment of Gastric Cancer: A National Observational Study 6.XXX Look up impact factor
Meng, T. G., M. W. Hu, X. S. Ma, L. Huang, Q. X. Liang, Y. Yuan, Y. Hou, H. Wang, H. Schatten, Z. B. Wang, and Q. Y. Sun Cell death & disease Oocyte-Specific Deletion of Furin Leads to Female Infertility by Causing Early Secondary Follicle Arrest in Mice 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Patharkar, O. R., and J. C. Walker Journal of Experimental Botany Advances in Abscission Signaling 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Geller, A. C., N. G. Jablonski, S. L. Pagoto, J. L. Hay, J. Hillhouse, D. B. Buller, W. L. Kenney, J. K. Robinson, R. B. Weller, M. A. Moreno, B. A. Gilchrest, C. Sinclair, J. Arndt, J. M. Taber, K. L. Morris, L. A. Dwyer, F. M. Perna, W. M. P. Klein, and J. Suls JAMA Dermatology Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sun Safety 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Villalón, E., M. Shababi, R. Kline, Z. C. Lorson, K. M. Florea, and C. L. Lorson Human Molecular Genetics Selective Vulnerability in Neuronal Populations in Nmd/Smard1 Mice 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Wakefield, B. J., C. L. Turvey, K. M. Nazi, J. E. Holman, T. P. Hogan, S. L. Shimada, and D. R. Kennedy Journal of medical Internet research Psychometric Properties of Patient-Facing Ehealth Evaluation Measures: Systematic Review and Analysis 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Neogi, U., K. Singh, S. G. Aralaguppe, L. C. Rogers, D. T. Njenda, S. G. Sarafianos, B. Hejdeman, and A. Sönnerborg AIDS Ex-Vivo Antiretroviral Potency of Newer Integrase Strand Transfer Inhibitors Cabotegravir and Bictegravir in Hiv Type 1 Non-B Subtypes 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Zhang, K., S. C. Keane, Z. Su, R. N. Irobalieva, M. Chen, V. Van, C. A. Sciandra, J. Marchant, X. Heng, M. F. Schmid, D. A. Case, S. J. Ludtke, M. F. Summers, and W. Chiu Structure Structure of the 30 Kda Hiv-1 Rna Dimerization Signal by a Hybrid Cryo-Em, Nmr, and Molecular Dynamics Approach 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Sharma, R., P. Sahota, and M. M. Thakkar Sleep Severe and Protracted Sleep Disruptions in Mouse Model of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Abbott, P. W., S. B. Gumusoglu, J. Bittle, D. Q. Beversdorf, and H. E. Stevens Psychoneuroendocrinology Prenatal Stress and Genetic Risk: How Prenatal Stress Interacts with Genetics to Alter Risk for Psychiatric Illness 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Chen, L. S., L. Zawertailo, T. M. Piasecki, J. Kaprio, M. Foreman, H. R. Elliott, S. P. David, A. W. Bergen, J. W. Baurley, R. F. Tyndale, T. B. Baker, L. J. Bierut, N. L. Saccone, and C. Relton Nicotine and Tobacco Research Leveraging Genomic Data in Smoking Cessation Trials in the Era of Precision Medicine: Why and How 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Saccone, N. L., J. W. Baurley, A. W. Bergen, S. P. David, H. R. Elliott, M. G. Foreman, J. Kaprio, T. M. Piasecki, C. L. Relton, L. Zawertailo, L. J. Bierut, R. F. Tyndale, and L. S. Chen Nicotine and Tobacco Research The Value of Biosamples in Smoking Cessation Trials: A Review of Genetic, Metabolomic, and Epigenetic Findings 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Panasevich, M. R., G. M. Meers, M. A. Linden, F. W. Booth, J. W. Perfield, II, K. L. Fritsche, U. D. Wankhade, S. V. Chintapalli, K. Shankar, J. A. Ibdah, and R. S. Rector American Journal of Physiology – Endocrinology and Metabolism High-Fat, High-Fructose, High-Cholesterol Feeding Causes Severe Nash and Cecal Microbiota Dysbiosis in Juvenile Ossabaw Swine 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Wood, J. D., B. O. Knapp, R. M. Muzika, M. C. Stambaugh, and L. Gu Environmental Research Letters The Importance of Drought-Pathogen Interactions in Driving Oak Mortality Events in the Ozark Border Region 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Sapouckey, S. A., C. D. Kassotis, S. C. Nagel, and L. N. Vandenberg Endocrinology Prenatal Exposure to Unconventional Oil and Gas Operation Chemical Mixtures Altered Mammary Gland Development in Adult Female Mice 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Wu, Y., J. Ding, B. Xu, L. You, L. Ge, G. Yang, F. Liu, D. Stanley, Q. Song, and J. Wu Journal of Proteome Research Two Fungicides Alter Reproduction of the Small Brown Planthopper Laodelphax Striatellus by Influencing Gene and Protein Expression 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Navarro, M. A., A. Salari, M. Milescu, and L. S. Milescu Journal of General Physiology Estimating Kinetic Mechanisms with Prior Knowledge Ii: Behavioral Constraints and Numerical Tests 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Salari, A., M. A. Navarro, M. Milescu, and L. S. Milescu Journal of General Physiology Estimating Kinetic Mechanisms with Prior Knowledge I: Linear Parameter Constraints 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Chen, L., L. Wang, Y. Li, L. Wuang, Y. Liu, N. Pang, Y. Luo, J. He, L. Zhang, N. Chen, R. Li, and J. Wu Frontiers in Physiology Transplantation of Normal Adipose Tissue Improves Blood Flow and Reduces Inflammation in High Fat Fed Mice with Hindlimb Ischemia 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Hepp, J., S. P. Lane, A. M. Wycoff, R. W. Carpenter, and T. J. Trull Journal of Abnormal Psychology Interpersonal Stressors and Negative Affect in Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder and Community Adults in Daily Life: A Replication and Extension 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Hegarty, J. P., II, B. J. Ferguson, R. M. Zamzow, L. J. Rohowetz, J. D. Johnson, S. E. Christ, and D. Q. Beversdorf Brain Imaging and Behavior Beta-Adrenergic Antagonism Modulates Functional Connectivity in the Default Mode Network of Individuals with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Zhao, Y., M. Yi, and R. C. Tiwari Statistical Methods in Medical Research Extended Likelihood Ratio Test-Based Methods for Signal Detection in a Drug Class with Application to Fda’s Adverse Event Reporting System Database 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Essner, J. B., X. Chen, T. D. Wood, and G. A. Baker Analyst Tandem Copper and Gold Nanoclusters for Two-Color Ratiometric Explosives Detection 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Eng, M. W., A. Clemons, C. Hill, R. Engel, D. W. Severson, and S. K. Behura PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases Multifaceted Functional Implications of an Endogenously Expressed Trna Fragment in the Vector Mosquito Aedes Aegypti 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Oluwadare, O., Y. Zhang, and J. Cheng BMC Genomics A Maximum Likelihood Algorithm for Reconstructing 3d Structures of Human Chromosomes from Chromosomal Contact Data 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Gray, K. M., K. A. Kaifer, D. Baillat, Y. Wen, T. R. Bonacci, A. D. Ebert, A. C. Raimer, A. M. Spring, S. T. Have, J. J. Glascock, K. Gupta, G. D. Van Duyne, M. J. Emanuele, A. I. Lamond, E. J. Wagner, C. L. Lorson, and A. Gregory Matera Molecular Biology of the Cell Self-Oligomerization Regulates Stability of Survival Motor Neuron Protein Isoforms by Sequestering an Scfslmb Degron 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Liu, Y., P. Singh, and A. Mustapha Food Control High-Resolution Melt Curve Pcr Assay for Specific Detection of E. Coli O157:H7 in Beef 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Hamilton, L. E., G. Acteau, W. Xu, P. Sutovsky, and R. Oko Biology of Reproduction The Developmental Origin and Compartmentalization of Glutathione-S-Transferase Omega 2 Isoforms in the Perinuclear Theca of Eutherian Spermatozoa 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Franco, L. C., S. Steinbeisser, G. M. Zane, J. D. Wall, and M. W. Fields Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Cr(Vi) Reduction and Physiological Toxicity Are Impacted by Resource Ratio in Desulfovibrio Vulgaris 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Choi, Y. J., H. J. Song, and Y. Luo Cognition Infants’ Understanding of the Definite/Indefinite Article in a Third-Party Communicative Situation 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Naseer, M., F. E. Dailey, A. Al Juboori, S. Samiullah, and V. Tahan World Journal of Gastroenterology Epidemiology, Determinants, and Management of Aids Cholangiopathy: A Review 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Kempf, E. A., K. S. Rollins, T. D. Hopkins, A. L. Butenas, J. M. Santin, J. R. Smith, and S. W. Copp American Journal of Physiology – Heart and Circulatory Physiology Chronic Femoral Artery Ligation Exaggerates the Pressor and Sympathetic Nerve Responses During Dynamic Skeletal Muscle Stretch in Decerebrate Rats 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Padilla, J., A. J. Carpenter, N. A. Das, H. K. Kandikattu, S. López-Ongil, L. A. Martinez-Lemus, U. Siebenlist, V. G. DeMarco, and B. Chandrasekar American Journal of Physiology – Heart and Circulatory Physiology Traf3ip2 Mediates High Glucose-Induced Endothelin-1 Production as Well as Endothelin-1-Induced Inflammation in Endothelial Cells 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Gupta, S., M. K. Fink, A. Ghosh, R. Tripathi, P. R. Sinha, A. Sharma, N. P. Hesemann, S. S. Chaurasia, E. A. Giuliano, and R. R. Mohan Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science Novel Combination Bmp7 and Hgf Gene Therapy Instigates Selective Myofibroblast Apoptosis and Reduces Corneal Haze in Vivo 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Pritchett, N. R., S. L. Burgert, G. A. Murphy, J. D. Brockman, R. E. White, J. Lando, R. Chepkwony, M. D. Topazian, C. C. Abnet, S. M. Dawsey, and M. M. Mwachiro BMC cancer Cross Sectional Study of Serum Selenium Concentration and Esophageal Squamous Dysplasia in Western Kenya 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Akkaladevi, N., F. Bunyak, D. Stalla, T. A. White, and G. L. Hazelbauer Journal of Bacteriology Flexible Hinges in Bacterial Chemoreceptors 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Toedebusch, C. M., J. C. Snyder, M. R. Jones, V. B. Garcia, G. C. Johnson, E. L. Villalón, J. R. Coates, and M. L. Garcia Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience Arginase-1 Expressing Microglia in Close Proximity to Motor Neurons Were Increased Early in Disease Progression in Canine Degenerative Myelopathy, a Model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Proulx, C. M., A. L. Curl, and A. E. Ermer Journals of Gerontology – Series B Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences Longitudinal Associations between Formal Volunteering and Cognitive Functioning 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Hoya, M., T. Nagamatsu, T. Fujii, D. J. Schust, H. Oda, N. Akiba, T. Iriyama, K. Kawana, Y. Osuga, and T. Fujii American Journal of Reproductive Immunology Impact of Th1/Th2 Cytokine Polarity Induced by Invariant Nkt Cells on the Incidence of Pregnancy Loss in Mice 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Magnusson, J. L., and K. J. Cummings American Journal of Physiology – Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology Central Serotonin and the Control of Arterial Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in Infant Rats: Influence of Sleep State and Sex 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Olver, T. D., Z. I. Grunewald, T. J. Jurrissen, R. E. K. MacPherson, P. J. Leblanc, T. R. Schnurbusch, A. M. Czajkowski, M. H. Laughlin, R. S. Rector, S. B. Bender, E. M. Walters, C. A. Emter, and J. Padilla American Journal of Physiology – Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology Microvascular Insulin Resistance in Skeletal Muscle and Brain Occurs Early in the Development of Juvenile Obesity in Pigs 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Oliver, D. P., K. Washington, G. Demiris, A. Wallace, M. R. Propst, A. M. Uraizee, K. Craig, M. F. Clayton, M. Reblin, and L. Ellington Journal of Pain and Symptom Management Shared Decision Making in Home Hospice Nursing Visits: A Qualitative Study 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Xavier, A., D. Jarquin, R. Howard, V. Ramasubramanian, J. E. Specht, G. L. Graef, W. D. Beavis, B. W. Diers, Q. Song, P. B. Cregan, R. Nelson, R. Mian, J. Grover Shannon, L. McHale, D. Wang, W. Schapaugh, A. J. Lorenz, S. Xu, W. M. Muir, and K. M. Rainey G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics Genome-Wide Analysis of Grain Yield Stability and Environmental Interactions in a Multiparental Soybean Population 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Brubaker, M. S., and M. Naveh-Benjamin Psychology and Aging The Effects of Stereotype Threat on the Associative Memory Deficit of Older Adults 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Fine, H. C., Y. L. Shing, and M. Naveh-Benjamin Psychology and Aging Effects of Changes in Schematic Support and of Item Repetition on Age-Related Associative Memory Deficits: Theoretically-Driven Empirical Attempts to Reduce Older Adults’ High False Alarm Rate 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Bakhtiarizadeh, M. R., A. Salehi, and R. M. Rivera PLoS ONE Genome-Wide Identification and Analysis of a-to-I Rna Editing Events in Bovine by Transcriptome Sequencing 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Counihan, T. D., I. R. Waite, A. F. Casper, D. L. Ward, J. S. Sauer, E. R. Irwin, C. G. Chapman, B. S. Ickes, C. P. Paukert, J. J. Kosovich, and J. M. Bayer PLoS ONE Can Data from Disparate Long-Term Fish Monitoring Programs Be Used to Increase Our Understanding of Regional and Continental Trends in Large River Assemblages? 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Ruark, C. L., M. Gardner, M. G. Mitchum, E. L. Davis, and T. L. Sit PLoS ONE Novel Rna Viruses within Plant Parasitic Cyst Nematodes 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Wylie, J. D., C. A. Makarewich, Z. M. Working, L. Jacobson, R. L. Schmidt, J. R. Crim, and R. T. Burks Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Findings Associated with Knee Pathology on Mri in Patients without Osteoarthritis 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Kang, S. K., L. D. Scherer, A. J. Megibow, L. J. Higuita, N. Kim, R. Scott Braithwaite, and A. Fagerlin American Journal of Roentgenology A Randomized Study of Patient Risk Perception for Incidental Renal Findings on Diagnostic Imaging Tests 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Ntourou, K., J. D. Anderson, and S. A. Wagovich Journal of Fluency Disorders Executive Function and Childhood Stuttering: Parent Ratings and Evidence from a Behavioral Task 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Brown, M. T., and J. A. McElroy Supportive Care in Cancer Unmet Support Needs of Sexual and Gender Minority Breast Cancer Survivors 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Wall, M., D. Butler, A. El Haj, J. C. Bodle, E. G. Loboa, and A. J. Banes Journal of Orthopaedic Research Key Developments That Impacted the Field of Mechanobiology and Mechanotransduction 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Mitchem, J. B., C. Stafford, T. D. Francone, P. L. Roberts, D. J. Schoetz, P. W. Marcello, and R. Ricciardi Colorectal Disease What Is the Optimal Management of an Intra-Operative Air Leak in a Colorectal Anastomosis? 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Von Gunten, C. D., H. I. Volpert-Esmond, and B. D. Bartholow Psychophysiology Temporal Dynamics of Reactive Cognitive Control as Revealed by Event-Related Brain Potentials 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Saroha, V., N. S. Dellschaft, D. H. Keisler, D. S. Gardner, H. Budge, S. P. Sebert, and M. E. Symonds Reproduction, Fertility and Development Tissue Cell Stress Response to Obesity and Its Interaction with Late Gestation Diet 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Horacek, T. M., E. Dede Yildirim, K. Kattelmann, O. Brown, C. Byrd-Bredbenner, S. Colby, G. Greene, S. Hoerr, T. Kidd, M. M. Koenings, J. Morrell, M. D. Olfert, B. Phillips, K. Shelnutt, and A. White American Journal of Health Promotion Path Analysis of Campus Walkability/Bikeability and College Students’ Physical Activity Attitudes, Behaviors, and Body Mass Index 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Russell, L. T., J. J. Beckmeyer, and C. Su-Russell Journal of Family Nursing Family-Centered Care and Positive Developmental Outcomes for Youth with Special Health Care Needs: Variations across Family Structures 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Kapela, A., E. J. Behringer, S. S. Segal, and N. M. Tsoukias Microcirculation Biophysical Properties of Microvascular Endothelium: Requirements for Initiating and Conducting Electrical Signals 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Findik, B. T., V. F. Smith, and L. L. Randall Protein Science Penetration into Membrane of Amino-Terminal Region of Seca When Associated with Secyeg in Active Complexes 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Schulz, G. L., K. P. Kelly, M. Holtmann, M. M. Doering, and J. M. Armer Pediatric Blood and Cancer Decision Making in Pediatric Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation: Influential Factors Vary among Diseases 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Adhikari, B., and J. Cheng BMC Bioinformatics Confold2: Improved Contact-Driven Ab Initio Protein Structure Modeling 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Pichaandi, K. R., L. N. A. V. Safronov, Y. V. Sevryugina, S. S. Jalisatgi, and M. F. Hawthorne European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry Electronic Interactions between Ferrocenyl Units Facilitated by the Cobalt Bis(Dicarbollide) Anion Linker: An Experimental and Dft Study 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Kingston, R. C., M. Smith, T. Lacey, M. Edwards, J. N. Best, and C. M. Markham Physiology and Behavior Voluntary Exercise Increases Resilience to Social Defeat Stress in Syrian Hamsters 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Marshall, K. L., and R. M. Rivera Molecular Reproduction and Development The Effects of Superovulation and Reproductive Aging on the Epigenome of the Oocyte and Embryo 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Bollig, C. A., D. Gilley, D. Lesko, J. B. Jorgensen, T. L. Galloway, R. P. Zitsch, III, and L. M. Dooley Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (United States) Economic Impact of Frozen Section for Thyroid Nodules with “Suspicious for Malignancy” Cytology 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Namin, A. W., and R. P. Zitsch, III Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (United States) Impact of Biopsy Modality on the Management of Cutaneous Melanoma of the Head and Neck 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Johans, C., W. Smelser, C. Deroche, J. Campbell, and J. Cummings Journal of Endourology Assessment of Patient and Surgical Variables Including Residency Training Level on Adverse Events after Ureteroscopy for Ureteral Stones: A Multivariate Analysis 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Grigsby, K. B., C. M. Kovarik, G. E. Rottinghaus, and F. W. Booth Neuroscience Letters High and Low Nightly Running Behavior Associates with Nucleus Accumbens N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor (Nmdar) Nr1 Subunit Expression and Nmdar Functional Differences 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Wise, S. K., S. Y. Lin, E. Toskala, R. R. Orlandi, C. A. Akdis, J. A. Alt, A. Azar, F. M. Baroody, C. Bachert, G. W. Canonica, T. Chacko, C. Cingi, G. Ciprandi, J. Corey, L. S. Cox, P. S. Creticos, A. Custovic, C. Damask, A. DeConde, J. M. DelGaudio, C. S. Ebert, J. A. Eloy, C. E. Flanagan, W. J. Fokkens, C. Franzese, J. Gosepath, A. Halderman, R. G. Hamilton, H. J. Hoffman, J. M. Hohlfeld, S. M. Houser, P. H. Hwang, C. Incorvaia, D. Jarvis, A. N. Khalid, M. Kilpeläinen, T. T. Kingdom, H. Krouse, D. Larenas-Linnemann, A. M. Laury, S. E. Lee, J. M. Levy, A. U. Luong, B. F. Marple, E. D. McCoul, K. C. McMains, E. Melén, J. W. Mims, G. Moscato, J. Mullol, H. S. Nelson, M. Patadia, R. Pawankar, O. Pfaar, M. P. Platt, W. Reisacher, C. Rondón, L. Rudmik, M. Ryan, J. Sastre, R. J. Schlosser, R. A. Settipane, H. P. Sharma, A. Sheikh, T. L. Smith, P. Tantilipikorn, J. R. Tversky, M. C. Veling, D. Y. Wang, M. Westman, M. Wickman, and M. Zacharek International Forum of Allergy and Rhinology International Consensus Statement on Allergy and Rhinology: Allergic Rhinitis 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Ryu, J., R. S. Prather, and K. Lee Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology Use of Gene-Editing Technology to Introduce Targeted Modifications in Pigs 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Henry, C. J., B. K. Flesner, S. A. Bechtel, J. N. Bryan, D. J. Tate, K. A. Selting, J. C. Lattimer, M. E. Bryan, L. Grubb, and F. Hausheer Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine Clinical Evaluation of Tavocept to Decrease Diuresis Time and Volume in Dogs with Bladder Cancer Receiving Cisplatin 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Hoffman, D., J. Amorim, and A. DeClue Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine Immune Function in Critically Ill Dogs 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Jaffey, J. A., A. Graham, E. VanEerde, E. Hostnik, W. Alvarez, J. Arango, C. Jacobs, and A. E. DeClue Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine Gallbladder Mucocele: Variables Associated with Outcome and the Utility of Ultrasonography to Identify Gallbladder Rupture in 219 Dogs (2007-2016) 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Shoemake, B. M., B. L. Vander Ley, B. W. Newcomer, and M. C. Heller Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine Efficacy of Oral Administration of Sodium Iodide to Prevent Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex 2.XXX Look up impact factor
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