Faculty Publications – February 2020

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Authors Journal Title Article Title Journal Impact Factor Article Metric
Khalyfa, A., D. Gozal, W. C. Chan, J. Andrade and B. Prasad European respiratory journal Circulating plasma exosomes in obstructive sleep apnoea and reverse dipping blood pressure 11.XXX Look up impact factor
Harris, A., G. Guidoboni, B. Siesky, S. Mathew, A. C. Verticchio Vercellin, L. Rowe and J. Arciero Progress in Retinal and Eye Research Ocular blood flow as a clinical observation: Value, limitations and data analysis 11.XXX Look up impact factor
Wu, Q., F. Xu, L. Liu, S. N. Char, Y. Ding, B. I. Je, E. Schmelz, B. Yang and D. Jackson Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America The maize heterotrimeric G protein β subunit controls shoot meristem development and immune responses 9.XXX Look up impact factor
Wasala, N. B., Y. Yue, W. Lostal, L. P. Wasala, N. Niranjan, R. J. Hajjar, G. J. Babu and D. Duan Molecular Therapy Single SERCA2a Therapy Ameliorated Dilated Cardiomyopathy for 18 Months in a Mouse Model of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 8.XXX Look up impact factor
Neill, B. C., N. Golda, E. W. Seger, J. Wick, J. Whitsitt, A. Huber, T. Chu, G. A. Potts, P. Chow, S. Moore, J. W. Fakhoury, A. Rajpara and T. L. H. Hocker Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology Determining patient understanding of commonly used dermatology terms: A multicenter cross-sectional survey 7.XXX Look up impact factor
von Thaden, A., C. Nowak, A. Tiesmeyer, T. E. Reiners, P. C. Alves, L. A. Lyons, F. Mattucci, E. Randi, M. Cragnolini, J. Galián, Z. Hegyeli, A. C. Kitchener, C. Lambinet, J. M. Lucas, T. Mölich, L. Ramos, V. Schockert and B. Cocchiararo Molecular Ecology Resources Applying genomic data in wildlife monitoring: Development guidelines for genotyping degraded samples with reduced single nucleotide polymorphism panels 7.XXX Look up impact factor
Morris, K. M., M. M. Hindle, S. Boitard, D. W. Burt, A. F. Danner, L. Eory, H. L. Forrest, D. Gourichon, J. Gros, L. W. Hillier, T. Jaffredo, H. Khoury, R. Lansford, C. Leterrier, A. Loudon, A. S. Mason, S. L. Meddle, F. Minvielle, P. Minx, F. Pitel, J. P. Seiler, T. Shimmura, C. Tomlinson, A. Vignal, R. G. Webster, T. Yoshimura, W. C. Warren and J. Smith BMC Biology The quail genome: Insights into social behaviour, seasonal biology and infectious disease response 6.XXX Look up impact factor
Dick, R. A., C. Xu, D. R. Morado, V. Kravchuk, C. L. Ricana, T. D. Lyddon, A. M. Broad, J. R. Feathers, M. C. Johnson, V. M. Vogt, J. R. Perilla, J. A. G. Briggs and F. K. M. Schur PLoS Pathogens Structures of immature EIAV Gag lattices reveal a conserved role for IP6 in lentivirus assembly 6.XXX Look up impact factor
Feng, L., F. Zhang, H. Zhang, Y. Zhao, B. C. Meyers and J. Zhai Plant physiology An Online Database for Exploring Over 2,000 Arabidopsis Small RNA Libraries 6.XXX Look up impact factor
Selvakumar, G. P., M. E. Ahmed, R. Thangavel, D. Kempuraj, I. Dubova, S. P. Raikwar, S. Zaheer, S. S. Iyer and A. Zaheer Brain, Behavior, and Immunity A role for glia maturation factor dependent activation of mast cells and microglia in MPTP induced dopamine loss and behavioural deficits in mice 6.XXX Look up impact factor
Haspel, J. A., R. Anafi, M. K. Brown, N. Cermakian, C. Depner, P. Desplats, A. E. Gelman, M. Haack, S. Jelic, B. S. Kim, A. D. Laposky, Y. C. Lee, E. Mongodin, A. A. Prather, B. Prendergast, C. Reardon, A. C. Shaw, S. Sengupta, É. Szentirmai, M. Thakkar, W. E. Walker and L. A. Solt JCI Insight Perfect timing: Circadian rhythms, sleep, and immunity — An NIH workshop summary 6.XXX Look up impact factor
Yobi, A., C. Bagaza, A. Batushansky, V. Shrestha, M. L. Emery, S. Holden, S. Turner-Hissong, N. D. Miller, T. P. Mawhinney and R. Angelovici Plant Journal The complex response of free and bound amino acids to water stress during the seed setting stage in Arabidopsis 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Ivanova, N., Q. Liu, C. Agca, Y. Agca, E. G. Noble, S. N. Whitehead and D. F. Cechetto Journal of Neuroinflammation White matter inflammation and cognitive function in a co-morbid metabolic syndrome and prodromal Alzheimer’s disease rat model 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Chen, J., X. Wang, W. Zhang, S. Zhang and F. J. Zhao Plant Cell and Environment Protein phosphatase 2A alleviates cadmium toxicity by modulating ethylene production in Arabidopsis thaliana 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Fujie, S., N. Hasegawa, K. Sanada, T. Hamaoka, S. Maeda, J. Padilla, L. A. Martinez-Lemus and M. Iemitsu Aging Increased serum salusin-α by aerobic exercise training correlates with improvements in arterial stiffness in middle-aged and older adults 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Patterson, A. L., J. W. George, A. Chatterjee, T. J. Carpenter, E. Wolfrum, D. W. Chesla and J. M. Teixeira Human reproduction (Oxford, England) Putative human myometrial and fibroid stem-like cells have mesenchymal stem cell and endometrial stromal cell properties 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Hilliard, K. A., V. A. Blaho, C. D. Jackson and C. R. Brown FASEB Journal Leukotriene B4 receptor BLT1 signaling is critical for neutrophil apoptosis and resolution of experimental Lyme arthritis 5.XXX Look up impact factor
Nguyen, P. H., K. P. Sigdel, K. G. Schaefer, G. A. K. Mensah, G. M. King and A. G. Roberts Biochemical Pharmacology The effects of anthracycline drugs on the conformational distribution of mouse P-glycoprotein explains their transport rate differences 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Cummings, K. J. and J. C. Leiter Experimental Neurology Take a deep breath and wake up: The protean role of serotonin preventing sudden death in infancy 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Yi, Z. Y., T. G. Meng, X. S. Ma, J. Li, C. H. Zhang, Y. C. Ouyang, H. Schatten, J. Qiao, Q. Y. Sun and W. P. Qian Journal of Cellular Physiology CDC6 regulates both G2/M transition and metaphase-to-anaphase transition during the first meiosis of mouse oocytes 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Wang, Y., J. Li, F. Dong, W. Yue, Y. C. Ouyang, Z. B. Wang, Y. Hou, H. Schatten and Q. Y. Sun Journal of cell science CENP-T regulates both the G2/M transition and anaphase entry by acting through CDH1 in meiotic oocytes 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Elechalawar, C. K., M. N. Hossen, P. Shankarappa, C. J. Peer, W. D. Figg, J. D. Robertson, R. Bhattacharya and P. Mukherjee International Journal of Nanomedicine Targeting pancreatic cancer cells and stellate cells using designer nanotherapeutics in vitro 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Khoobchandani, M., K. K. Katti, A. R. Karikachery, V. C. Thipe, D. Srisrimal, D. K. D. Mohandoss, R. D. Darshakumar, C. M. Joshi and K. V. Katti International Journal of Nanomedicine New approaches in breast cancer therapy through green nanotechnology and nano-ayurvedic medicine – pre-clinical and pilot human clinical investigations 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Maleki, Z., S. Muller, L. Layfield, M. T. Siddiqui, N. Rekhtman and L. Pantanowitz Cancer Cytopathology Pulmonary sclerosing pneumocytoma: Cytomorphology and immunoprofile 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Wasala, N. B., S. J. Chen and D. Duan Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery Duchenne muscular dystrophy animal models for high-throughput drug discovery and precision medicine 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Bracht, J. R., V. J. Vieira-Potter, R. De Souza Santos, O. K. Öz, B. F. Palmer and D. J. Clegg Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences The role of estrogens in the adipose tissue milieu 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Stefani, R. M., S. Barbosa, A. R. Tan, S. Setti, A. M. Stoker, G. A. Ateshian, R. Cadossi, G. Vunjak-Novakovic, R. K. Aaron, J. L. Cook, J. C. Bulinski and C. T. Hung Biotechnology and Bioengineering Pulsed electromagnetic fields promote repair of focal articular cartilage defects with engineered osteochondral constructs 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Housh, A. B., M. S. Matthes, A. Gerheart, S. L. Wilder, K. E. Kil, M. Schueller, J. M. Guthrie, P. McSteen and R. Ferrieri International Journal of Molecular Sciences Assessment of a18f-phenylboronic acid radiotracer for imaging boron in maize 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Lim, R. R., M. E. Wieser, R. R. Ganga, V. A. Barathi, R. Lakshminarayanan, R. R. Mohan, D. P. Hainsworth and S. S. Chaurasia International Journal of Molecular Sciences NOD-like receptors in the eye: Uncovering its role in diabetic retinopathy 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Wang, H., T. T. Lim, C. Duong, W. Zhang, C. Xu, L. Yan, Z. Mei and W. Wang Microorganisms Long-term mesophilic anaerobic co-digestion of swine manure with corn stover and microbial community analysis 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Baker, B. S., M. S. Stannard, D. L. Duren, J. L. Cook and J. P. Stannard Clinical orthopaedics and related research Does Blood Flow Restriction Therapy in Patients Older Than Age 50 Result in Muscle Hypertrophy, Increased Strength, or Greater Physical Function? A Systematic Review 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Limberg, J. K., D. P. Casey, J. D. Trinity, W. T. Nicholson, D. W. Wray, M. E. Tschakovsky, D. J. Green, Y. Hellsten, P. J. Fadel, M. J. Joyner and J. Padilla American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiology Assessment of resistance vessel function in human skeletal muscle: guidelines for experimental design, Doppler ultrasound, and pharmacology 4.XXX Look up impact factor
Beche, E., J. D. Gillman, Q. Song, R. Nelson, T. Beissinger, J. Decker, G. Shannon and A. M. Scaboo Theoretical and Applied Genetics Nested association mapping of important agronomic traits in three interspecific soybean populations 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Hagely, K. B., H. Jo, J. H. Kim, K. A. Hudson and K. Bilyeu Theoretical and Applied Genetics Molecular-assisted breeding for improved carbohydrate profiles in soybean seed 3.XXX Look up impact factor
de Canha, M. N., S. Komarnytsky, L. Langhansova and N. Lall Frontiers in Pharmacology Exploring the Anti-Acne Potential of Impepho [Helichrysum odoratissimum (L.) Sweet] to Combat Cutibacterium acnes Virulence 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Morris, L., J. Tran and M. Duvic American Journal of Clinical Dermatology Non-Classic Signs of Sézary Syndrome: A Review 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Fait, A., A. Batushansky, V. Shrestha, A. Yobi and R. Angelovici Plant Science Can metabolic tightening and expansion of co-expression network play a role in stress response and tolerance? 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Ahsan, N., R. S. Wilson, R. S. P. Rao, F. Salvato, M. Sabila, H. Ullah and J. A. Miernyk Journal of proteome research Mass Spectrometry-Based Identification of Phospho-Tyr in Plant Proteomics 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Acevedo, M. B., M. Teran-Garcia, K. K. Bucholz, J. C. Eagon, B. D. Bartholow, N. A. Burd, N. Khan, B. Rowitz and M. Y. Pepino Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases Alcohol sensitivity in women after undergoing bariatric surgery: a cross-sectional study 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Agtuca, B. J., S. A. Stopka, T. R. Tuleski, F. P. Do Amaral, S. Evans, Y. Liu, D. Xu, R. A. Monteiro, D. W. Koppenaal, L. Paša-Tolić, C. R. Anderton, A. Vertes and G. Stacey Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions In-situ metabolomic analysis of Setaria viridis roots colonized by beneficial endophytic bacteria 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Tuleski, T. R., J. Kimball, F. P. Do Amaral, T. P. Pereira, M. Z. Tadra-Sfeir, F. De Oliveira Pedrosa, E. M. De Souza, P. Balint-Kurti, R. A. Monteiro and G. Stacey Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions Herbaspirillum rubrisubalbicans as a phytopathogenic model to study the immune system of Sorghum bicolor 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Saddala, M. S., A. Lennikov and H. Huang Journal of Proteomics Placental growth factor regulates the pentose phosphate pathway and antioxidant defense systems in human retinal endothelial cells 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Agca, C., D. Klakotskaia, E. G. Stopa, T. R. Schachtman and Y. Agca Journal of Alzheimer’s disease : JAD Ovariectomy Influences Cognition and Markers of Alzheimer’s Disease 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Ng’Oma, E., P. A. Williams-Simon, A. Rahman and E. G. King BMC Genomics Diverse biological processes coordinate the transcriptional response to nutritional changes in a Drosophila melanogaster multiparent population 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Saddala, M. S., A. Lennikov, A. Bouras and H. Huang BMC Genomics RNA-Seq reveals differential expression profiles and functional annotation of genes involved in retinal degeneration in Pde6c mutant Danio rerio 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Yurasek, A. M., M. B. Miller, R. K. Pritschmann, A. F. Curtis and C. S. McCrae Journal of Sleep Research Negative mood as a mediator of the association between insomnia severity and marijuana problems in college students 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Das, N. A., A. J. Carpenter, A. Belenchia, A. R. Aroor, M. Noda, U. Siebenlist, B. Chandrasekar and V. G. DeMarco Cellular Signalling Empagliflozin reduces high glucose-induced oxidative stress and miR-21-dependent TRAF3IP2 induction and RECK suppression, and inhibits human renal proximal tubular epithelial cell migration and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Hackley, S. A., T. Hirao, K. Onoda, K. Ogawa and H. Masaki Psychophysiology Anterior insula activity and the effect of agency on the Stimulus-Preceding Negativity 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Birchler, J. A. and N. C. Swyers Experimental Cell Research Engineered minichromosomes in plants 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Matott, M. P., E. M. Hasser and D. D. Kline Neuroscience Sustained Hypoxia Alters nTS Glutamatergic Signaling and Expression and Function of Excitatory Amino Acid Transporters 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Haake, A., K. Nguyen, L. Friedman, B. Chakkamparambil and G. T. Grossberg Expert Opinion on Drug Safety An update on the utility and safety of cholinesterase inhibitors for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Chan, W. S., N. D. Dautovich, J. P. H. McNamara, A. Stripling, J. M. Dzierzewski, K. McCoy and C. S. McCrae Behavioral Sleep Medicine Sleep Discrepancy in a Randomized Controlled Trial of Brief Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Insomnia in Older Adults 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Boeyer, M. E., E. V. Leary, R. J. Sherwood and D. L. Duren Archives of Disease in Childhood Evidence of the non-linear nature of skeletal maturation 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Rosenfeld, C. S., J. P. Hekman, J. L. Johnson, Z. Lyu, M. T. Ortega, T. Joshi, J. Mao, A. V. Vladimirova, R. G. Gulevich, A. V. Kharlamova, G. M. Acland, E. E. Hecht, X. Wang, A. G. Clark, L. N. Trut, S. K. Behura and A. V. Kukekova Genes, Brain and Behavior Hypothalamic transcriptome of tame and aggressive silver foxes (Vulpes vulpes) identifies gene expression differences shared across brain regions 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Adkins, P. R. F., A. C. Ericsson, J. R. Middleton and M. C. Witzke Journal of Dairy Science The effect of intramammary pirlimycin hydrochloride on the fecal microbiome of early-lactation heifers 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Duarte, R. L. M., F. J. Magalhães-Da-silveira, T. S. Oliveira-E-sá, J. A. Silva, F. C. Q. Mello and D. Gozal Nature and Science of Sleep Obstructive sleep apnea screening with a 4-item instrument, named GOAL questionnaire: Development, validation and comparative study with no-apnea, STOP-bang, and NoSAS 3.XXX Look up impact factor
Moraes, J. G. N., S. K. Behura, T. W. Geary and T. E. Spencer Biology of reproduction Analysis of the uterine lumen in fertility-classified heifers: I. Glucose, prostaglandins, and lipids† 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Pfeiffer, C. A., A. E. Meyer, K. E. Brooks, P. R. Chen, J. Milano-Foster, L. D. Spate, J. A. Benne, R. F. Cecil, M. S. Samuel, L. A. Ciernia, C. M. Spinka, M. F. Smith, K. D. Wells, T. E. Spencer, R. S. Prather and R. D. Geisert Biology of reproduction Ablation of conceptus PTGS2 expression does not alter early conceptus development and establishment of pregnancy in the pig† 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Shen, Y., Y. Guan, J. J. Hummel, C. R. Shyu and J. B. Mitchem BMC cancer Immunogenomic pathways associated with cytotoxic lymphocyte infiltration and survival in colorectal cancer 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Lynn, A., E. Piotter, E. Harrison and C. Galen American Journal of Botany Sexual and natural selection on pollen morphology in Taraxacum 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Thompson, A. M., W. Wiedermann, K. C. Herman and W. M. Reinke Prevention Science Effect of Daily Teacher Feedback on Subsequent Motivation and Mental Health Outcomes in Fifth Grade Students: a Person-Centered Analysis 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Scherer, L. D., V. A. Shaffer, T. Caverly, J. DeWitt and B. J. Zikmund-Fisher Medical Decision Making Medical Maximizing-Minimizing Predicts Patient Preferences for High- and Low-Benefit Care 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Ericsson, A. C., A. R. Personett, H. Rindt, M. E. Grobman and C. R. Reinero PLoS ONE Respiratory dysbiosis and population-wide temporal dynamics in canine chronic bronchitis and non-inflammatory respiratory disease 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Ibeto, L., A. Antonopoulos, P. Grassi, P. C. Pang, M. Panico, S. Bobdiwala, M. Al-Memar, P. Davis, M. Davis, J. N. Taylor, P. Almeida, M. R. Johnson, R. Harvey, T. Bourne, M. Seckl, G. Clark, S. M. Haslam and A. Dell PLoS ONE Insights into the hyperglycosylation of human chorionic gonadotropin revealed by glycomics analysis 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Anbari, A. B., A. Wanchai and R. Graves Supportive Care in Cancer Breast cancer survivorship in rural settings: a systematic review 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Cabrera-Aguilera, I., B. Benito, M. Tajes, R. Farré, D. Gozal, I. Almendros and N. Farré Frontiers in Neurology Chronic Sleep Fragmentation Mimicking Sleep Apnea Does Not Worsen Left-Ventricular Function in Healthy and Heart Failure Mice 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Welby, L., H. Caudill, G. Yitsege, A. Hamad, F. Bunyak, I. E. Zohn, T. Maynard, A. S. LaMantia, D. Mendelowitz and T. E. Lever Frontiers in Neurology Persistent Feeding and Swallowing Deficits in a Mouse Model of 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Khangura, R. S., B. P. Venkata, S. R. Marla, M. V. Mickelbart, S. Dhungana, D. M. Braun, B. P. Dilkes and G. S. Johal G3 (Bethesda, Md.) Interaction Between Induced and Natural Variation at oil yellow1 Delays Reproductive Maturity in Maize 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Bachmaier, S., G. S. DiFelice, B. Sonnery-Cottet, W. A. Douoguih, P. A. Smith, L. J. Pace, D. Ritter and C. A. Wijdicks Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine Treatment of Acute Proximal Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears—Part 2: The Role of Internal Bracing on Gap Formation and Stabilization of Repair Techniques 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Mesa, A. M., J. Mao, M. K. Nanjappa, T. I. Medrano, S. Tevosian, F. Yu, J. Kinkade, Z. Lyu, Y. Liu, T. Joshi, D. Wang, C. S. Rosenfeld and P. S. Cooke Physiological genomics Mice lacking uterine enhancer of zeste homolog 2 have transcriptomic changes associated with uterine epithelial proliferation 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Zheng, H., C. Chen, C. Liu, Q. Song and S. Zhou Insect Molecular Biology Rhythmic change of adipokinetic hormones diurnally regulates locust vitellogenesis and egg development 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Alexander, G. L., C. Deroche, K. Powell, A. S. Mohammad, L. Popejoy and R. Koopman Journal of Medical Systems Forecasting Content and Stage in a Nursing Home Information Technology Maturity Instrument Using a Delphi Method 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Zhao, Q., J. Shen, J. Lu, F. Li, Q. Jiang and Y. Wang BMJ Open Clinical efficacy, safety and tolerability of aliskiren monotherapy: A protocol for an umbrella review 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Hanberry, B. and P. Hanberry PeerJ Rapid digitization to reclaim thematic maps of white-tailed deer density from 1982 and 2003 in the conterminous US 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Luckman, C., S. A. Wagovich, C. Weber, B. Brown, S. E. Chang, N. E. Hall and N. Bernstein Ratner Journal of Fluency Disorders Lexical diversity and lexical skills in children who stutter 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Qiu, W., C. Xu, X. Xiao and D. Xu Current Genomics Computational prediction of ubiquitination proteins using evolutionary profiles and functional domain annotation 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Woodman, N. and A. T. Wilken Journal of Mammalogy Comparative functional skeletal morphology among three genera of shrews: Implications for the evolution of locomotor behavior in the Soricinae (Eulipotyphla: Soricidae) 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Puig, J., J. Shankar, D. Liebeskind, M. Terceño, K. Nael, A. M. Demchuk, B. Menon, D. Dowlatshahi, C. Leiva-Salinas, M. Wintermark, G. Thomalla, Y. Silva, J. Serena, S. Pedraza and M. Essig Journal of Neuroimaging From “Time is Brain” to “Imaging is Brain”: A Paradigm Shift in the Management of Acute Ischemic Stroke 2.XXX Look up impact factor
Fisher, D. R., J. Fidel and C. A. Maitz Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals Direct Interstitial Treatment of Solid Tumors Using an Injectable Yttrium-90-Polymer Composite 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Bani-Ahmed, A. and C. M. Cirstea Experimental Brain Research Ipsilateral primary motor cortex and behavioral compensation after stroke: a case series study 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Chun, J., M. Yu, J. Kim and A. Kim Journal of Psychoactive Drugs E-Cigarette, Cigarette, and Dual Use in Korean Adolescents: A Test of Problem Behavior Theory 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Gulbrandsen, T. R., R. M. Hulick, A. J. Polk, J. M. Weldy, K. L. Howell, C. A. Spitler and B. D. Crist Injury Does sagittal surgical approach affect sagittal plane alignment and pilon fracture outcomes? 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Seven, Y., K. Hull, K. Madsen, J. Ferron, L. Peters-Sanders, X. Soto, E. S. Kelley and H. Goldstein Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research Classwide extensions of vocabulary intervention improve learning of academic vocabulary by preschoolers 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Bowleg, L., J. S. Massie, S. L. Holt, A. Heckert, M. Teti and J. M. Tschann Culture, Health and Sexuality How black heterosexual men’s narratives about sexual partner type and condom use disrupt the main and casual partner dichotomy: ‘we still get down, but we not together’ 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Wuri, L., C. Agca and Y. Agca Reproduction, Fertility and Development Morphometric, subcellular, in vitro fertilisation and embryonic developmental assessment of mouse oocytes produced by anti-inhibin serum or pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin superovulation 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Dissel, S., E. Morgan, V. Duong, D. Chan, B. van Swinderen, P. Shaw and T. Zars Journal of Neurogenetics Sleep restores place learning to the adenylyl cyclase mutant rutabaga 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Mishra, A., P. Cronley, M. Ganesan, D. J. Schulz and T. Zars Journal of Neurogenetics Dopaminergic neurons can influence heat-box place learning in Drosophila 1.XXX Look up impact factor
de Souza, S. C. R., L. Sodek, J. C. Polacco and P. Mazzafera Acta Physiologiae Plantarum Urease deficiency alters nitrogen metabolism and gene expression in urease-null soybean without affecting growth or productivity under nitrate supply 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Hickey, S., A. Whitson, L. Jones, L. Wibbenmeyer, C. Ryan, R. Fey, J. Litt, R. Fabia, L. Cancio, W. Mohr, J. Twomey, A. Wagner, A. Cochran and J. K. Bailey Journal of burn care & research : official publication of the American Burn Association Guidelines for Thrombolytic Therapy for Frostbite 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Dyroff, S., L. J. Layfield and J. Crim Skeletal Radiology Angiosarcoma arising in massive localized lymphedema 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Laughon, K., T. Bloom, A. F. Amar and K. Debnam Journal of American College Health Conceptualizing an approach to secondary prevention of relationship violence among college students 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Wray, R. J., N. Hansen, D. Ding and J. Masters Journal of American College Health Effects of a campus-wide tobacco-free policy on tobacco attitudes, norms and behaviors among students, staff and faculty 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Vazmitsel, M. A., V. Grammatopoulou, J. Yao and J. R. Batanian Cytogenetic and Genome Research A Novel Variant Rearrangement of the Rare Aberration dic(17;20)(p11.2;q11.2) Characterized by Array-CGH as an Insertion in a Patient with Myelodysplastic Syndrome of Multilineage Dysplasia (MDS-MLD) 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Vazmitsel, M., M. Esebua and L. J. Layfield Diagnostic Cytopathology Cytologic features of sebaceous, lymphadenoma, and sebaceous lymphadenocarcinoma: Differential diagnostic considerations 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Schrader, E., A. D. Delehanty, A. Casler, E. Petrie, A. Rivera, K. Harrison, T. Paterniti, L. Sebastiany, C. Nottke, K. Sohl, S. E. Levy and A. M. Wetherby Clinical Pediatrics Integrating a New Online Autism Screening Tool in Primary Care to Lower the Age of Referral 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Srilatha, M., N. Patyal and M. S. Saddala Journal of Integrative Agriculture Functional analysis and screening small molecules to RpfF protein in Xanthomonas oryzae involved in rice bacterial blight disease 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Schlag, A. N., T. Johnson, A. Vinayak, A. Kuvaldina, O. T. Skinner and B. G. Wustefeld-Janssens Journal of Small Animal Practice Comparison of methods to determine primary tumour size in canine apocrine gland anal sac adenocarcinoma 1.XXX Look up impact factor
Rolbiecki, A. J., D. P. Oliver, K. Washington, J. J. Benson and L. Jorgensen Journal of Loss and Trauma Preliminary Results of Caregiver Speaks: A Storytelling Intervention for Bereaved Family Caregivers 0.XXX Look up impact factor
Washington, K. T., K. Kukulka, R. Govindarjan and D. R. Mehr Journal of Palliative Care Engaging Specialist Palliative Care in the Management of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: A Patient-, Family-, and Provider-Based Approach 0.XXX Look up impact factor
Jones, A., J. Pope, K. Osei-Boadi Anguah and D. Erickson Topics in Clinical Nutrition Mini nutritional assessment score as a potential predictor of pressure ulcers in elderly nursing home patients with dementia 0.XXX Look up impact factor
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