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Daniel Boone Regional Library CatalogAnyone can use
Search library materials in the public libraries in Columbia, Fulton, and Ashland. Those with borrowers cards can place holds and renew material online. [more]

DARE - Database of Abstracts of Reviews of EffectivenessRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri

DARE provides access to systematic research reviews of the effectiveness of health care interventions in the areas of diagnosis, prevention, rehabilitation, screening and treatment. This database is fully integrated with MEDLINE. Limit MEDLINE results to articles chosen for DARE reviews by checking the box labelled "Article Reviews (DARE)". File closed as of December 2014 - no plans to add new material. [more]

DART Developmental and Reproductive ToxicologyAnyone can use

Contains over 37,000 references to literature on agents that may cause birth defects. For references prior to 1989, search ETICBACK. [more]

Dartmouth AtlasAnyone can use

The Dartmouth Atlas Project is run by the Center for Evaluative Clinical Sciences at Dartmouth Medical School. It's goal is to "accurately describe how medical resources are distributed and used in the United States." Using information compiled by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the data covers hospitalizations of people aged 65 to 99 in the traditional Medicare system who are free to select any participating physician or hospital. Data is available from 1994-2003. [more]

DbGaP Genotype and PhenotypeAnyone can use

Archives and distributes data from genome wide association (GWA) studies. GWA studies explore the association between specific genes (genotype information) and observable traits, such as blood pressure and weight, or the presence or absence of a disease or condition (phenotype information). Connecting phenotype and genotype data provides information about the genes that may be involved in a disease process or condition, which can be critical for better understanding the disease and for developing new diagnostic methods and treatments. From NCBI. [more]

Dietary Supplements Labels DatabaseAnyone can use

This database contains information on the ingredients of over 2,000 brands of dietary supplements sold in the U.S. and is designed to help not only researchers, but the large audience of supplement consumers as well. [more]

DRUGDEX SystemAvailable only from within the Health Sciences Library.

Drug information gathered and reviewed by Micromedex. Information provided includes dosing, pharmacokinetics, clinical applications and comparative drug efficacy. To search, enter the Micromedex system and click on box next to DrugDex System. Only accessible at University of Missouri Health Care facilities. [more]