Health Sciences Library Proposed Renovations

The following are sample proposals for future renovations of the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Health Sciences Library. Let us know what you think about the proposals.

Second Floor Highlights- Interactive spaces  

  • Single staff service point, with referrals to information professionals
  • Maker space for designing posters and other creative output
  • Small group meeting spaces for group study and collaboration
  • Slow-motion treadmills and bikes for promoting user health
  • Short-term spaces for on-the-go users
  • Area for scanning, printing, and charging personal electronics
  • Coffee shop, with tables and chairs for quiet conversation and studying
  • Large computer screens for providing information and news
  • Stand-up and traditional work desks for individual use

View images of the 2nd Floor Proposal


Third Floor Highlights- Private and silent spaces  

  • A mix of types of tables and desks for quiet reading and writing
  • Soft chairs for cozy reading
  • Glass walls and privacy panels for cutting down on distractions
  • Key codes to restrict spaces by user type
  • Sound masking for uninterrupted flow of concentration
  • Improvements to climate control for Rare Books Room
  • Technology-enabled meeting space for distance collaboration

View images of the 3rd Floor Proposal