Electronic Resource Access: A guide for students of the UMKC School of Pharmacy at MU

As students of a program that spans two campuses you have a variety of library resources at your disposal through both UMKC and MU. The pages below will guide you through the process of accessing materials on and off of campus. In addition to the information found in the guides below, both the MU Health Sciences Library and the UMKC Health Sciences Library offer pharmacy
subject guides linking to comprehensive collections of resources.

Off Campus Access

  • The Library Everywhere | This guide covers how to access MU resources from off campus as a UMKC student and
    provides information on accessing UMKC resources as well.

Library Subject Guides to Pharmacy Resources

Mobile Resources

  • Accessing Mobile Resources | A guide to mobile resources offered through UMKC's institutional subscriptions
    and a listing of apps and mobile resources made available for free through the National Library of Medicine
  • UMKC listing of Handheld Resources | This listing of mobile healthcare related information resources is fairly comprehensive and includes paid as well as free resources.

Other Resources

  • Free Resources | A collection of free resources largely from the FDA and the National Library of Medicine.

Walkthroughs for key resources