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Ultrasound: The RequisitesRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
Ultrasound: [more]

Understanding Clinical ResearchRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
UnderstandingUnderstanding Clinical Research addresses both the operational challenges of clinical trials and the needs of clinicians to comprehend the nuances of research methods to accurately analyze study results. This timely resource covers all aspects of clinical trials--from study design and statistics to regulatory oversight--and it delivers a detailed yet streamlined overview of must-know research topics. The text features an accessible three-part organization that traces the evolution of clinical research and explains the bedrock principles and unique challenges of clinical experimentation and observational research. Reinforcing this content are real-life case examples--drawn from the authors' broad experience--that put chapter concepts into action and contribute to a working knowledge of integral research techniques. [more]

Understanding Global Health, 2eRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
UnderstandingThe phrase “global health” is frequently thrown around in political and medical debates. But what exactly is global health? The text Understanding Global Health answers this question eloquently in its comprehensive discussion of health, health care, and health systems from a universal perspective. Although this book is written with the medical student or public health student in mind, it can definitely be utilized by anyone who is interested in learning more about the subject. [more]

Understanding Medical ProfessionalismRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
Also Known as: Medical Professionalism

Understanding [more]

Understanding Patient SafetyRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
Understanding [more]

Understanding Teamwork in Health CareRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
Also Known as: Teamwork in Health Care

UnderstandingUnderstanding Teamwork in Health Care is a book about how to work proficiently in and with teams, both in clinical care and management settings. The book’s purpose is to enable people working in health care to improve the performance of the teams they work in, lead, or manage so that the interests of patients are better served. The book aims to offset in some measure a deficiency in the education of almost all health care professionals in the United States, namely, the lack of training about working in teams composed of people from various professions. Nearly all professionals working in health care are obliged to puzzle out interprofessional teamwork on their own. This book is intended to help health care professionals in this effort [more]

UpToDateAvailable only from within the Health Sciences Library.
UpToDateAims to provide instantaneous, evidence-based answers to the most commonly asked clinical questions. Over 270 journals and other sources are regularly scanned and synthesized into topic reviews designed to provide current answers to clinical questions. Overall, these original topic reviews consist of over 77,000 pages of text and over 10,000 graphics providing broad coverage of adult primary care, subspecialty internal medicine, ob/gyn, general surgery and pediatrics. To locate more recent articles which cite a referenced article, copy and paste the PMID article Identifier here. [more]

US Patent & Trademark Office Fulltext Patents DatabaseAnyone can use
USThe Full-Text Database now offers all US patents issued since 1790, in the form of searchable patent numbers and current US classifications hyperlinked to full-page images of each page of each patent. Searchable in five-year blocks back to 1976, and in one additional block covering the years 1790-1975. [more]