J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library: 1986 vs 2011

As the J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library celebrates its Silver Anniversary, it provides a time to reflect on the changes we’ve seen since this building opened 25 years ago.

Visitors to the library: 1986 vs 2011

In 1986, all visits to the library involved leaving home or office and coming in the door. Today, 60% of the visits to the library are virtual through our website.

Number of visitors to the library (web and in person visits):

In 1986: 257,714

In 2010: 401,763

Access to books in statewide libraries: 1986 vs 2011

In 1986, there was no easy way to discover books beyond the ones in our local library collection. Today, thanks to statewide library networks like MERLIN and MOBIUS, people can search and request books beyond our local library collection.

MEDLINE Searches increased over 7000% since 1986

In 1986, MEDLINE was a fee-based dialup service requiring extensive training to use. Now it is freely available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

MEDLINE Searches:

In 1986: 1296

In 2011: 91,083

Dramatic growth in programs served since 1986

The last 25 years have brought sweeping changes to the depth and breadth of health sciences academic programs at MU. Since 1986, the number of undergraduates and graduates in MU health programs has increased by over 80%.

Course reserve readings up 50% since 1986

In 1986, students wanting copies of articles on course reserve needed to come to the library circulation desk to get them. Now that the library is able to provide more convenient online access to course reserve readings, usage is up more than 50%. Course Reserve articles circulated In 1986: 36,222 In 2011: 57,086.

Access to Journals in Other Campus Libraries: 1986 vs 2011

In 1986, if you needed a journal housed in another campus library, you had to go to the other library and get it yourself. Now many of the print subscriptions in the other campus libraries have been converted to online, offering convenient, 24/7 access from anywhere to the entire MU campus community. As of 2011, over 48,000 journals are available online in all disciplines.

Migration to Online Journals: 1986 to 2011

In 1986, there were no online journals. Anyone who needed to read a journal article needed to come to the library to do it. And once they made the trip, they sometimes discovered that the journal they needed had been sent off to the bindery and wouldn’t be back for three weeks. The migration to online began in 1995 with the Journal of Biological Chemistry, and continues to the present day. Now 90% of the Health Sciences Library journal subscriptions are available online.

Computers in the Health Sciences Library – 1986 vs 2011:

Our facility opened in 1986 with a (then) state of the art lab with 18 computers.  The most popular software was a word processing program called IBM Writing Assistant.  The computers had two floppy drives and weren’t networked.  Now the library offers four times as many public computers connected to the hospital network. Also, wireless internet connections are available throughout the building.

Number of Public Computers in 1986: 18 In 2011: 78
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